Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Today’s first and only bowl cleaned out an old wax container and took my grinder apart which had lots of keif from multiple plants as far back as when I grew gold leaf for the first time and lots of other strains in the mix.
The wax is gorilla glue #4 its the bright orange blob in the middle of the bowl of crystals.

If this picture is zoomed you can see the trichome texture and all the trichomes


The ilgm trainwreck outdoor update


Decided to trim and lst the trainwreck while I had some time

Hopefully I can make her big enough to not walk off with


Hopefully so,maybe you can keep reading safe!
And that bowl of kief and wax looked so tasty!


Yes it was pretty tasty lots of different kinds in it and the Wax to top it off was perfect @Nug-bug


My white widow auto she is about 2 weeks old she was fed for the first time today 1/4 tsp of flower power start in a liter of water. In about a week I will top her.

Also had this little lady sprout today she is a ilgm purple haze


Couldn’t help myself had to germinate 2 gold leafs. Their germination was just started


Purple haze got munched :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: that sucks, but a gold leaf has sprouted waiting on another slow poke to sprout

The white widow auto is doing great I topped her a couple days ago and she has formed new tops

Now for the trainwreck shes doing great she is turning into a monster. Here is her update


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@Countryboyjvd1971 here is an update on the ilgm trainwreck she should be starting to flower by the end of this month or start of next month


Looking grate @Majiktoker
Woohoo train wreck is a fav of mine lol
I have one that started to flower already and I think the others will be a few weeks from now as well


Its a favorite of mine as well


Wow she’s really grown in the past 14 days :+1:


Definitely shes doubled in the last 4 days lol she is a square meter all the way around, im gunna try for 2 square meters yesterday she just entered flower


The ilgm trainwreck this picture was takin yesterday. Im a huge fan of this strain particularly, she grows extremely well in rainy cool humid environments and grows a lot! She takes very well to stress and handles lots of it


looking great @Majiktoker!


Thanks @BIGE


That looks awesome buddy


Thanks bro 6 days into flower she is producing pistols every where im pretty excited for her


On my list of strains to try! @Majiktoker

Can you use it daytime? Leafly shows it as being pretty relaxing on their scale…