Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Tag me in that thread once you start too if you don’t mind!


It will be done,and updated here in this thread @MattyBear but sure thing


Being said @garrigan62, @Nug-bug, @MattyBear, @Countryboyjvd1971, @Hogmaster

Our new update for the breeding. The pollen sack,has started to officially open tonight so I suspect within officially another week or 2 the breeding will be under way


Heck yeah, put a lil Otis r, teddy p,Marvin maybe? And let the good times roll😉


Pollen sack opening woo-hoo


Also lowryder was cut down at day 51 or 52 used for oils because of being a free plant with no place to go, so I still have her stock very bottom branches continued to grow so I will be taking 2 clones from her.

This is my first time cloning autos so fingers crossed it works out


that makes me think of the movie’‘alien’’…lol


Lol the original alien movie


One of the trainwreck sisters from ilgm I will upload the rest late today when off work

@Hogmaster @MattyBear @Nug-bug


That is a beautiful green


Thanks man shes outside we got hammered with rain yesterday supposed to again today and tomorrow as well they are strong plants


Good hangover cure


This would be a great experiment. I would love to grow seeds from that cross. You never know what you’ll. Get. Gajonga! :sunglasses:


Definitely im pretty excited for that cross particularly


@garrigan62, @Countryboyjvd1971, @Hogmaster, @MattyBear, @Nug-bug

Here is an update, the donor has put his pollen off what buds he had were gonna be used for making candy’s as well as this plant.
As you can see the seed in there maturing, its the only one visible, so maybe another 2-3 weeks for the seed to mature and ill remove this plant get all the seeds I can from it and add it to making the candys.

@Nug-bug I believe you had questions im all open game for answering questions


One of the ilgm trainwreck sister surprised ages alive we’ve been having severe thunderstorms with hail, so if you live in a stormy area these are good plants once developed.

@Countryboyjvd1971 I know you were interested in following the trainwrecks, tried to top her she turned out fimmed


Nice dude very healthy


Yea she is, surprised the storms haven’t killed her she is taking it like a champ


Here is an update on the ilgm trainwreck outside


Didnt have luck with lowryder clones but did clone trainwreck plant have 2 clones