Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Im hoping at that point I can be pulling 10,000 rpms out of her instead of 7 and she needs new tie rods definitely driver side, driver side I broke lol


That’s a lot better than pushing a rod through the top or bottom of the motor


10,000 rpm that’s crazy I love those motors


Yea definitely especially with this motor parts are super,expensive and slowly vanishing off the market so the only way to get them is make them my self or have a broke car and figuring if manufacturing my own prototype shims for my car on the exhaust side brought rpms up by 2000 with all racing parts as well. Now if I can do the same for the intake side I can probably increase by another 1000 and a precision turbo and cold air intake with a dual nose cone should be able to increase it an extra 2-3000 rpms at that point wed be looking at 10-11,000 probably closer to 10,000.

But it all gets better boring it and stroking it with forged pistons and a forged crankshaft id probably get really close,to pulling 12,000 rpms out of potentially making it a 8.5-9.5 sec car,in a qtr mile race


Just let me know when you’re ready and I’ll meet you at the track bringing back so many memories of the good ol days


Even better its not a timing belt nor a rotary engine, its chain driven with a crank driven oil pump which allows for automatic oil pressure as soon as the key is turned, if you have an oil leak you’ll certainly waste no time finding it either

And you know it buddy I love racing


Very true and that’s always nice me too my friend love it


Especially people that drive nice cars they always try to show off and end up losing lol :slight_smile:


Isn’t that the best I always loved pulling up in my piece of crap rusted out nova and have kids with their mommy and daddy’s new cars and just smoke em


Yea a great feeling indeed especially when they expect a easy race love it bro they drive away pissed off lol


Hell yes so funny


Wow…its 1 am here I hate to bail on you bro but I gotta head to bed im supposed to be up in 5 hours


It’s almost 3 here I’m with you have a good night bro


Thanks bro you as well


Ilgm super silver haze

Ilgm northern lights auto (she will be getting bred with the gorilla glue)

Ilgm Afghan

Gorilla glue pollen sack (the one im using to breed withe the noorthern lights auto)

Gorilla glue plant (the father plant in breeding)

Ilgm trainwreck

Pulled both back yard plants due to something happening to my neighbors couldn’t risk sheriffs seeing so took a loss there and harvested ilgm lowryder at day 51 in flower to do 2 things first being preventing pollination there second couldn’t have free floating plant in the house, so she will be used for oils. Total yield wet weight was 147 grams

I will try to fix pictures later in a hurry and off to work


The donor hermie gorilla glue

@garrigan62 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster.

What is pictured above is the pollen sacks they have been there almost 3 weeks and pollen sacks are about to burst about another week at most 2 weeks


If you don’t mind me asking how are you gonna harvest the sack or pollen?
I mean will you have to bag the section of plant? Or ??
Do you have to eat it on the plant until it burst? Thanks for your time :v:


Im using my methods of breeding so my plan is to leave it it until its ready to burst once it does ill post step by step process here.

I planned on doing basically a step by step tutorial for people that want to learn how to breed @Nug-bug I can tag you through all updates if youd like.

You can usually bag it or wrap saran wrap around branches to prevent pollination as well to those parts of the plants


Thanks for the lil tidbits , and yes I’ll be following along. Already hat the topic on watching! Are you kidding me wasn’t gonna miss your grow journal. NOT FOR NOTHIN.


Not a problem there will be lots of information to soak up by the end