Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Nice I’m doing my first Auto I can’t believe how fast they grow hahahaha it’s super hash


Never tried it lol may have to some time and i like them they come in handy to grow maybe 3 or 4 with 5 photoperiod plants maybe 6 lol


Hey @Majiktoker this response from yesterday just appeared ? In my notifications brother I’m getting them days or hours late ?


Maybe internet connectivity bouncing in and out


Gorilla glue before getting transplanted into the ground…yes im getting ready for another outdoor grow this time we have a super skunk auto, a gorilla glue, and an orange kush

Gorilla glue in the ground and tied back for lst , worth the 5 minutes to transplant and tie back


@Countryboyjvd1971, @Hogmaster we are in a bind here fellas…question is to breed or not to breed…

So I was going through the plants on 12/12, the lwryder has been been removed from the room dont know what to do with her as I dont have another room and she sure isn’t going outside. And here lies problem 2 I found a hermie and can’t quite decide if I want to pull it and kill it, because heres where it gets interesting the northern lights is I dont know how many days in flower I lost track for now ill figure it out later but has descent bud structure and development happening, and the hermie plant I found is a gorilla glue, also have an Afghan,in the room with them so she will be in the final moments lol, you’ll catch my drift in a moment…

Any ways the question I cant answer is should I leave the hermie gorilla glue and breed it with the northern lights auto, then let the Afghan get bred with it as well since she is around same age in flower as the gorilla glue mother/father or do I trash the hermie and suffer the loss of a potentially great auto flower hybrid between the northern light auto and gorilla glue as I can always make oils from the Afghan.

Thanks for the opinions fellas by the way its gorilla glue #4


I say go for it :sunglasses:


Thanks for your opinion that was what my thoughts were to but im very indecisive lol


Breeding 2 of my favorite strains together sounds like a win-win! Especially with your growing expertise @Majiktoker ! I say go for it as long as I can get a few of those seeds once you’re done :wink::+1:


Lol if you lived close otherwise probably not but ok breeding them it is

@MattyBear @jasong thanks for your opinions guys much appreciated I have my buddy and his finances vote for breeding as well so 4 votes including mine 5 votes say yes breed


@Majiktoker your skilled enough to pull that off brother I think you should go for it if you have the space for such a grow
I would love to follow along with you if you decided to continue this process
I myself don’t think I’m ready to try such a thing but dude you can for sure :+1:
Let me know what you decide brother woohoo


I say if you have enough to last you and your good on medicine breed away my friend I would that would be some awesome stuff


Alright @Hogmaster, @Countryboyjvd1971 I will breed them for sure. Ill keep the progress updated and going in this thread.


Nice you won’t regret it


I know lol was just having a hard time making up my mind ended up 6 votes for breeding 0 votes for no lol, and i have a good feeling about it both are great strains


My project finally taking place the,one on the right is the rally car and her engine and transmission, the one on the left is the engine and tranny im taking out and frame im gonna use as you can see mighty huge difference between the 2 and the one on the right is the one with all the work into it


And yes I stripped down the front of both cars partly for now, by tomorrow the rest will be stripped away then soon the engine and transmission will be swapped and cars restored


We should go to the drag races sometime you’re feening me out lol


Lol when i get her running right maybe we’ll take her out to the drag track @Hogmaster


Sounds good to me