Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Tell you what I’m using the leftovers a flower power on my cheese and Chong and that thing is taking off bigger than everything else


Should be a good grow and nice im guessing 9 week flower or around there, wouldn’t have guessed it to be an auto


I like the flower power nutrients ill wind up investing in them again when mine are about done which they are almost done


Yeah I’ll be ordering the big bags I know what I need now I’m not changing if the results and up the way I think they will


Yea definitely lol, by far one of the best nutrients Ive used Ive had a hard time finishing my old ones since Ive used these ones


Exactly and you don’t want to dump it out and waste it because it works too just not as well


Exactly I figured out a way to use them though im using them for my dispensary seeds and dumping them wastes money


Ok guys @Hogmaster @Majiktoker so nice if I’m following you guys the Iglm nute line sounds like a home run and I should be considering switching to them
You guys are selling me on them hahahaha
:+1: Loooking good majiktoker


@Countryboyjvd1971 its a great investment bro


I’ll definitely be looking into it @Majiktoker I’ll need to finish my supply first tho I stocked up not to long ago so maybe another grow then I’ll order some :+1:
But thanks for reassuring me it’s worth the investment brother


My pleasure bro how are you


I’m good just at work taking a quick break checking the threads a bit
Happy late Father’s Day brother


Thanks bro much appreciated


Caused from potassium deficiency

Ilgm lowryder 40 days in flower still had 2 days until original update however phone is getting shut off Wednesday will have it back on Thursday morning smells like pungent skunk


Nice brother looking super nice @Majiktoker


Thanks man, shes a relatively easy strain to grow had no problems the entire grow with this plant


Nice I’ve never tried the low Ryder strain :+1:
I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually hahaha


This is my second try, first time I did descent got an oz dry weight, this time probably definitely have more than an oz and this one smells better lol


That’s an auto ? Majiktoker


Yes sir @Countryboyjvd1971 lowryder auto from ilgm