Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


WTF. That’s so stupid. There’s no way they could get anything from a plant that got ripped up like that, is there? They just killed it for nothing.

What the hell is wrong with people.

Is it legal for you? Can you report it to the police? Or just count on trapping then and teaching them a lesson?


Illegal in my state and no i cant report it and keep them alive I doubt they can or are smart enough to


Shhhiiitt brother!!! That’s sucks… :angry::angry::angry::angry::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph: I really hope that you’ll not catch’em @Majiktoker … I fear what you gone a do to them if you catch them on the spot … if you are some where like me when been stealed , I would loose my temper and loose control and transform my self in a very, very bastard mother f&##!r and most probably end up behind bars for a very, very long time…

You know what, I would probably dig a bear trap and sacrifice a plant as a decoy with wood spike and nato razor wire like you suggest, at the bottom of the pit hole… BAM , ZAP, SHLING… CRY FOR YOUR MOMMY…THIEF…

HaHaHa, lol, :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

It feel good to ventilate, lol…

So, brother, stick inside, if they have done it twice, they will not hesitate to do it a third time…

Otherwise, you also can put razor blades on the main stem, they will have a messy surprise on their hand when pulling it :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:, lol…

Your friend ,

~Al :v: :innocent:


You know i just may do the razor blades in the stems @Niala great idea and i live in the middle of nowhere few people around in a desert


@Majiktoker, Razor blades on a stem can do serious wounds that will need kwick first aid intervention , depends on how they are disposed and since you’re in the middle of nowhere , they will gone a cry for their mommy… lol :wink: :smiling_imp:


Im hoping its not some little punk teenager if so well serves him right for trying to get it and while being stunned from that i will break my foot off in his ass for stealing maybe break both hands while im at it at the minimal and mind you that’s if its a teenager

An adult stunned or not I will fire off a few rounds and have some more fun im done being nice


That’s what I call being VERY, VERY, VERY nice in a sarcastics state of mind, with a thief :wink: lol


So make sure you kicked that thief out of the way quickly so you can apply first aid to that plant as fast as possible! :ambulance:


When I lived in South Florida, I made friends with some crazy Cubans. They had 2 pits in the back yard. One full of Gators, the other filled with lime. What was left from the Gators, the lime took care of. They owed me a favor. All it cost was a bottle of tequila and the body was never found. :sunglasses:


Ha! He can find his own medical attention im not that nice I avoided it the first time now its the second time…first time was a flowering plant this time both my veg plants in the ground that by all rights in its own deserves no medical attention unless they can physically get it themselves


I love all you peeps you all think like me hahhahahahha :imp::imp::imp::imp::imp:
F them @Majiktoker do the razor blade thing they won’t look before they grab it hahahahah they will be looking for you


Haha that’s ok they wont have to look to hard lol


:+1: anyway new day brother hope today goes a bit a better than yesterday my friend


So far so good cant complain :+1:


Hey bro it’s Friday lol
I’m working tomorrow but woohoo it’s still the weekend woohoo


Right lol agreed thank goodness for Friday though I work Saturday and Sundays to


So another trick I just thought of that was up my sleeve planting a male seed and putting it outside so if they have them outside it will ruin their crops


Yeah but like you said they’re probably not smart enough to keep them alive sorry to hear that but I absolutely agree with everything you’ve said and CB said that’s horse crap man us good folks work too hard for shit like that to happen sorry to hear that can’t wait for you to get that little shit head


I would break each one of his fingers and then his hands if it were me


Thanks bro they really dont realize how hard it is, not to mention if they steal a male before I get the fence set up that will give me a fair idea as to what age they are around and not only that if they are experienced or not…see where im going with that lol its the perfect plan for an idiot :wink:

And i plan on it, put finger tips on the ground and stomp on the wrist