Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


That sucks man! Sorry to hear that and I hope you catch the person/persons involved.


No pulled them out in a hurry


OMG! They pulled them right out of the ground? Jerks! Hope you catch them. Don’t put yourself in harms way though and be careful. So sorry to hear this @Majiktoker


Thanks and yup…absolutely senseless…ill upload pictures later when home


That truly sucks. Game camera would be the cheap way, automatic uzzi would be my choice. :dizzy_face::sunglasses:


Have an ar-15 waiting for them to come back a pretty good idea for security cameras and gunna electrify the back yard with a car battery and give them a hell of a zap when they come back


Holy cow @Majiktoker that sucks
I’m with you at stepping up security
I’d be interested I hear what you came up with when your done and back
I’m pissed for you bro dam thieves people suck ass
Hahhahaha I love the electric fence idea brother give them he’ll step it up so they get locked onto so you have time to smack them in the head with a bat hahahaha


booby traps plenty of booby traps!!! those things will stop guys long enough to get a shot off or two!! lol


With a AR15 you’ll get more than that off @BIGE hahaha wrong yard M@&her f&@ker lol


Keep your dog out of my yard, I’LL keep my yard out of your dog. Catch my drift? Damn the scoundrel that steals your weed. Sounds like justified homicide to me. Do everything you can to protect what’s yours. :us::sunglasses:


Definitely gunna charge NATO razor wire with a car battery and copper wire be specific the current going through that is enough to bring down an adult grizzly bear (or better said stun an adult grizzly)

Definitely wrong yard lol


Fully charged car ignition coil comes in handy. :sunglasses:


Probably expecting a dumb kid that won’t fight back but I got some thing for them that they don’t see coming


That’s what I woke up to 6 am not cool man
Took the ar followed there tracks through the property behind mine and unlucky for me roads are paved

But that’s when better security and another plant come in hand speaking of which im gunna coax them back and draw them in again by putting another plant out for them and Bam surprise they get hit with the electric fence


I love it brother
The one thing I hate most is a thief
If you need something that bad man just ask me I’ll probably just give it up ?
Again people suck
Which is why I keep to myself for the most part select friends and yeah maybe letting the dog out to take a bit once they are BBQ won’t be such a bad idea @Majiktoker


Lol I have 2 friends my buddy nick which helps me rebuild the stuff I build and his fiancé and of course alot of you here other than that dont associate with any one but customers for work

Also need what that bad lol I dont ask for any thing if rarely at all I work for every thing I have or get haha. You and i both cant stand theives I have a huge dislike for people and agreed people do suck its a rarity to find good ones


I agree brother I also work for everything I have and don’t take form others
And don’t like most people lol
If I was homeless I would starve because I won’t ask for hand outs int not in me
Maybe it just pride or more likely having self respect :fist:


Definitely I think its bitter both more over all self respect :smile:

Not me ill eat a squirrel lol taste like turkey but a little more gamey and rabbits ill eat them to lol


Outta likes my friend :+1::+1::+1::+1:
I hope you get them bro
If you need help burying anything lol
I have a few shovels and I’ll be will to help dig the hole lmao :+1:


Lmao thanks brother until later ill be back some time