Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


9 indoor helps


Sorry to hear that bud. Thank god you have 9 inside!!!


Ilgm super skunk auto
Her and the Afghan were brought in due to them damn pesky grasshoppers

Gorilla glue #4 first plant

Ilgm northern lights auto

Ilgm super silver haze

Gorilla glue #4 second plant (on left)
Ilgm Afghan (on right) Mmm they look great together

Ilgm trainwreck sisters

Ilgm lowryder autoflower 4 weeks in flower today (28 days)

Ilgm gold leaf on the left
Nebula haze on the right


Looking good @Majiktoker. Very nice!


Thanks @MattyBear


Looking great @Majiktoker
Here one of the ssh I have going

This a few weeks out from harvest still


@Countryboyjvd1971 Mmm she looks good and gooey


Yeah and smell delicious as well lol
I can’t wait to taste her been wanting to take a test bud but keep stoping my self hahahaha
Patience I tell myself
It’s about a foot long and two inches in diameter :+1:


Nice!!! Good job bro


Thanks kiddo means a lot coming from you @Majiktoker


Not a problem buddy my pleasure credit goes where its deserved and your gorilla glue looks pretty bomb as well


Thanks brother hhahaha woohoo


So woke up at 6 this morning to notice my gold leaf runt and nebula haze were stolen out of my back yard im not very happy nor having a good day so I will not be around today

Thankfully I have 9 left and one more entered flower over the last few days so I guess its alright, but taking the day to take security to the next step


yep,going to have to step up security,because you know they’ll be back!!


Already have been twice, loading the rifle, running trip lines, security cameras with infrared and razor wire


That sucks! I would be more inclined to set up a trap to catch the bastards when they try it again. And you know they will!


Posted at the same time. Hope you catch them!


Ill get them


Damn dude I’m sorry to hear this! It’s one of my biggest concerns for growing! Please keep us posted with updates, I wish I could help!



Did they dig them up @Majiktoker?