Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Thanks @ktreez420 id smoke a blunt with you but fair warned can ramble on forever lol


I would love that as well @ktreez420 @Majiktoker
lol I’m sure it would be a great conversation :+1::v:️ John


Oh yea absolutely it sure would buddy


@bob31 I built something alot like this for curing


@kabongster this is what I was talking about my bad it’s not for decarbing


Lol but I have made one I have instructions I wrote down some where


So I was right even when wrong hahahha perfect :ok_hand:
Can you post it or send me a copy of build instructions if you have them available sir I’m going to need one soon hahahaha @Majiktoker


Yea you and kabongster ill send you 2 links and the first link Ive had for a while and honestly like that way of decarboxylating @Countryboyjvd1971


Thanks brother I appreciate it as always :+1:


My pleasure as always brother ill get the second link ASAP when I find those papers lol


I would love to know too @Majiktoker! Tag me in anything you’re doing dude lol



I wanna know too! Count me in as well!!!


@ktreez420 here you go bro
@MattyBear you as well


Thanks @Majiktoker I appreciate that!


Not a problem buddy Ive had that link for a long time and has been how Ive decarboxilated for a while now besides little machine I made still cant find papers for it lol

I believe I used a steamer as the main piece


Remember the other post and the glasses thing. I used to be able to tap the pics on the site and they would go super size but whatever change they made it doesn’t do that anymore. Any idea what they would call that commercially​? @Majiktoker

I think it says it on the pic bud but I can’t read it.


Yes I actually do know ill let you know when I get home what they are called


Dayyyummmm that’s horrible. I’m so sorry


But the eight I had on my land was dwindled down to three yesterday from the hail storm last week and that three went down to zero today none of them survived except the one I have in my gardener which I’ll be lucky to get a joint off that one small ass auto

glad I have nine more in my tent


Oh man @Hogmaster that is the saddest thing I read all day. Mother Nature has been brutal this spring.