Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Guerilla Grow in my yard lol, but damn I’m so excited to watch her grow. The ILGM WW clone is in the top right corner too, so I’ve got two different strains growing both indoors and outdoors! This is going to be a great summer for me! I have a blueberry cough seedling that I’m debating whether to transplant her into a DWC bucket like I would usual do and grow her indoors…or put her outside with these 2 other ladies? And I don’t know if I’m going to do a SCROG on the Afghani Gold or not, I haven’t decided yet. Decisions, decisions.



Sounds like a good problem
I need to keep it cool outdoors so I can only do a few myself and not in open view :frowning:
Hence the green house but if you can do it with out getting in trouble I’d say outdoors free light :+1: Keep costs down unless your like me and will just drop more beans to filll up indoors as well haha


Ilgm gold leaf runt

Nebula haze

Honestly forgot about these ladies lol dont know how I managed that they are my only plants for my outdoor grow besides the super skunk and afghan


@Majiktoker You probably forgot because you’ve been smoking the plants from the indoor grow! lol


Lol actually been sober for a month, got another month to go for my closest harvest, been super busy @Rugar89

I wish that was the case


She’s already perked up and loving the sun!



Looks good buddy


@MAXHeadRoom there is alot of reading but this is the thread her grow is logged in if you get the time to read through it


ok thanks for the info


Not a problem if you have any questions feel free to ask


@Hogmaster how is your little one doing after the storm


@Countryboyjvd1971 turns out I was way off in age shes been flowing for 26 days today


Out of everything in my garden that’s the only thing that survived


Sorry to hear buddy thought id check in


More engine picture parts take forever coming from Japan

Timing set up with out belts

Timing set up with belts

Rear main seal to bell housing and transmission


Very nice :+1:t2: love it


Lol me to would love it more if Japan would ship faster Lmao


Yeah but nine days is not bad for you it takes mine 20 to 30 days. I thought it was the Chinese LOL


Its only been 5 days since Ive done that bro and most of the time was waiting on parts otherwise woulda been done in 5 hours roughly

Chinese Japanese there all the same but great point Honda is chinese parts still come from Japan though lol


@Majiktoker you’re only 22 but smart as hell dude, I would love to smoke a blunt with you and listen to you talk!