Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Have you ever seen the worlds smallest auto I think I have one it’s been going for four months he didn’t care for the soil I put it in with my garden smells great looks great she’s about 9 inches tall and looks done but there’s Maybe a half a bowl on her


Lol it happens I haven’t in a long while lol but she looks good


But she smells really good I might get one or two bowls out of it maybe a J


Better than nothing lol, id imagine so shes really sugary


That’s actually funny almost no worth the effort @Hogmaster a bowl or two
She’s pretty tho


Ilgm lowryder auto

Ilgm northern lights auto she was fimmed 2 days ago started flower yesterday

Gorilla glue #4 plant 1

Gorilla glue #4 plant 2 just realized shes got a problem so we will get on that


Will upload more pictures of the rest later


My overnight project yay no sleep lol


But well worth staying up for


Definitely here are more pictures of the rebuild 2 hours in

Top of the engine

Bottom of the engine first picture was the bottom side of the pistons with connecting rods engine completely tore apart engine block and all

Where im at now in 2 hours, almost fully assembled engine, well worth staying up @Hogmaster


you’re in deep toker!!! lol
it is all fun and games until the torque wrench comes out!! that will cost em’…lol


Your a animal @Majiktoker that out of your racer ?
Plants look great lol hope you made some


Yea its one of the engines I have sitting around though not for my rally car its for a different car. @BIGE had it out all night entire engine is torqued as well.

@Countryboyjvd1971 I do plan on tearing the rally cars engine here soon though and thanks I looked at time and realized it was a couple hours to do all of it


Hopefully my girls are fine we just got a shit ton of hell 2 inches in diameter when you see golf balls flying out of the sky like crap here we go


Ugh! Hope your girls are ok. I’m at work and it poured earlier. No hail thankfully. I feel like I need to start collecting animals and building an arc. My babies need sun!


Damn dude lol fingers crossed they are ok


that suks @Hogmaster! i hope all is well brother!


Ilgm Afghan the sister I kept

Ilgm super skunk auto

Ilgm super silver haze

Ilgm trainwreck sisters


Just put my one Afghani Gold into flower yesterday, and planted an Afghani Clone outside as well! SO excited!!

Now I know I’m way behind lol, but it’ll still be fun to do this grow with you guys!



Woohoo you in the dirt outside brother :+1::cowboy_hat_face: