Ilgm Afghan indoor and outdoor grow


Dry weight I was happy :blush:


Had a 71 Challenger that pulled a 8.43 quarter. :sunglasses:


I had a 72 nova that did a 8.55 miss that car


Nice, the nova sounds beautiful same with the 71 challenger im jealous of both of you lol


Sold mine and the guy I sold it to, wrapped it around a telephone pole in 2 weeks. Couldn’t handle 1200+ hp. :sunglasses::disappointed_relieved:


That sucks lol sad overall


Now I’ve got an 84 LTD Crown Victoria wagon. Working on making it the ultimate sleeper. Who looks at a station wagon? :sunglasses: True stealth.:innocent:


I absolutely understand that I remember back in the day throwing at 350 small block in a Chevy S 10 couldn’t keep the damn thing on the ground but a lot of fun


Still working hard @Majiktoker my friend


Of course bro lol it almost never ends


Trainwreck 1 she got transplanted yesterday as well as trainwreck 2 also trainwreck 1 is about to enter veg

Trainwreck 2


An update lost one Afghan she got moved down to a friends or better said I gave her to a good friend of mine but her sister that I kept is flourishing nicely

The sister I kept


She’s looking great. Your a good guy giving her sis away, I’m sure your friend will be grateful!


He is, her sister went to a good home :smile: and thanks


Looking great @Majiktoker


Looks great man take it that’s another Afghan @Majiktoker


Yea shes another Afghan @Hogmaster


For some reason I don’t know if it’s the hike through the woods in a cup of water or what but every time I try taking a clone of the Afghan no dice never had this issue


Yea that could be it root them first then take them buddy


Yeah I just don’t want to have to drag all that shit out there but it looks like that’s what I’m gonna have to do because she is going to be a beauty and I want to keep her going