ILGM 4/20 sale?


sorry if this is the wrong place to ask as I dunno where would be appropriate to ask this but, I’m still pretty new to this site/these forums, and I’m wondering does anyone know if ILGM typically has 4/20 sales like some other seed banks do each year? I plan to order some seeds from ILGM and I’m wondering if I should wait till 4/20 or not.


There is different sales all thr time. I believe there is usually a 4/20 sale too. If you haven’t already create an account and you will get email notifications. Sometimes they’re not labeled as sale in subject line, but open up the emails and look. Lots of buy 10 get 10 and stuff like that.


If it were me, I would take the chance and wait 10 days… They had one last year…


thank both of you guys @dbrn32 @Ron330 I haven’t been around long enough to know so I wanted to ask. prices always seem very fair it’s just I would hate to order now and see a crazy good deal pop up on 4/20 lol. I think I will sign up to get email notifications like dbrn suggested and wait till 4/20 as ron suggested :slight_smile: thank you both.


Good idea! Glad we could help

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Best way to go is the mixed packs. These usually still beat the price/seed of the single seed sales. I have also received teaser add-on’s as I checked out that were very attractive. Not sure if they do these teasers often.


yeah I was looking at the mix packs, those are really cheap when bought like that. I’m thinking about getting the baked sweets one :stuck_out_tongue:


They usually offer gold leaf 50 off at check out. Do it! Easy grow so far.


wow, I had no idea. I’m for sure going to accept that offer when it’s time to checkout. I pretended to checkout just now and the offer popped up! 10 seeds for just $69.50!

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@BlazeMaze to answer you original question
They will typically run sales for most major holidays and 420 although not a legal holiday they normally do run a sale
signing up for the news letter is a great way to get the sales info also you can create a account with the seed bank and they will send emails on all current deals :+1:


Easter falls on the weekend of 4/20 so either way i think u should be in luck.


thank you :slight_smile: I’ve signed up now, but I’ll also be checking the site manually just to be safe :slight_smile: can’t wait to buy a ton of seeds lol!

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didn’t think about that. my wallet is really going to hurt come 4/20…at least $200-300 worth of quality genetics getting ordered by me haha! stocking up the stash box with strains I’ve always wanted to grow/try.


The more strains the better i say.
Easter & my birthday on the long weekend, chocolate & presents woohoo.


yep I signed up I’m now just patiently waiting on 4/20 to see what kind of sales pop up (if any) before I make any purchases :slight_smile:

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