If You Want To Get Off Opioids And Use Weed As Your Painkiller


This is totally me, I have emphysema, terminal, it went undetected for 10 year’s and for the last 5/6 years I have been on a long list of pills for the pain and as a side effect of either 1 of them or a combination , I now have seizures as well, currently on tramado and pregabalin and about 3/4 others, I am now growing to get off these


@darren heard anything more on a date?


I have already had the top half of my right lung cut away about 10 year’s ago, maybe a little more , after I suffered a collapsed lung at work and they found a growth that they call a bulla, this had to get cut away, this is when they should have been doing mri and ct scans and running more tests, but they said it was because I was tall and skinny, of which I’m neither , I’m 5ft 8inch and 10 & a half stone, anyway went undetected for the next 8/9 years until I was insistant to the doctors that there is something wrong, now they have found thick emphysema in both lungs and another bulla on each lung, I have an operation next Thursday the 9th to have the top of my left lung cut away, bad timing really as I have a durban poison at 6 weeks that I have just started to scrog, and I have a gold leaf just coming through, I have never grown before but have always enjoyed a smoke, and it really helps with the pain, the pills make me sick a lot and loss of appetite, make it hard to sleep ,now that they have said it’s terminal I took the step to grow my own medicine and get off the pills, so just waiting now, but I’m really enjoying the growing


You can design a self wicking deal with a 2 liter bottle I’ve seen on YouTube. Let me see if I can find the link but it slowly release water into your plants for those who cannot assist they crops. But Google how to water plants while on vacation for 2 weeks?


I can vouch for you brother on the weed part I used suboxone to help with withdrawal symptoms and it works great but I know its a crutch that’s interesting what you say here about the amdium does that help with really bad heroin withdrawals from slamming a g a day of the devils blood because it causes all your demons to come out In my town heroin is a epidemic and people are dying everyday and nobody seems to be doing anything about it its a sad sad state of our world today we gotta stick together and help one another thanks for showing me I’m not the only one that’s been there and back completely I have a house now a garden of beautiful plants and life couldn’t be better I wish the best of luck to anybody dealing with this disease


@Catch_And_Cook if you don’t mind sir is their a particular strain that works better?


That person was only on the forum one day and didn’t come back on.

I’d be happy to try and answer your question as I am pretty good and figuring out which strains work the best.


Are you asking for the best strains to help you get off the opiods? @Sirsmokes


Yes and the best strains for pain relief hAve bone on bone in my neck.


Thank you much I appreciate any help I can get. Here’s why I wanted to grow obviously the price of it today and pain relief but my number one reason is my youngest daughter is epileptic so o guess I need the best strain for anit seizure


Ok let me see about that. Some of that I can give off the top of my head but some of the others I need to look at.

Daytime pain meds would be a sativa like Chocolope or Amnesia Haze ak47 is pretty decent before dinner to help you relax. Evening meds would definitely be blueberry, blue dream, gold leaf. Gorilla glue is pretty decent evening pain med as well!


As far as getting of opiates there is a lot of information of the web about that but no one is being specific about exact strains only that High CBD Strains are better for that.

Have you ever tried liquid vape? Do you ever make wax or hash?

What you may need to consider is purchasing high CBD vape juice online. You can then add a Sativa strain to it for daytime and an indica for night time.

Here is a thread that goes into procedures and everything. We’ve been going with it for a little while but there is a tremendous amount of info there

Epilepsy… How old is your daughter @Sirsmokes


She’s 16 tomorrow actually, she’s not intrested in smoking or getting high but I know if I get a good strain I can extract what I need or let her try very mild edible @bob31 she has to go a year free from seizures before she can get her liscense. Right now she’s on cbd but they are so expensive on top of her epileptic medicine already is hard to swING every month so my set up only adds 50 a month to bills that’s alot easier to swing


Thank you @bob31 for being kind enough to share this info


@Sirsmokes I think you should read this article. Google leafly marijuana-and-epilepsy-seizure-treatment

That should get you to a Jan 2017 article.

I just saw your edit.
CBD is what everyone recommends for Epilepsy. Especially for children. I started smoking pot when I was 14, but that was a different world… I can’t recommend that to you for your daughter. (using THC) Though if the CBD to THC content is two to one or better then the THC effects would be almost nullified.

The trouble with growing MJ strains with high CBD ratings is this. Because of the different prototypes possible if you grew four plants it would be very likely that all four would be a different phenotype. One would be high in CBD and low in THC. One would be High in THC and low in CBD a third could be CBD dominant and the fourth could be THC dominant. That means you would have to send them out for testing before you could use them.

So the good news is there is much that you can do for yourself, but CBD is probably the best recourse for you.

I found a pretty good internet source for CBD. The website is in the standard format

pure CBD vapors (dot) com

See if buying some of the bulk products might not be a little easier on the wallet? I want to say they give a pretty good first time customer discount as well. and if you joining the mailing list or follow them on fb etc.



ILGM has helped me tremendously. I have been here for just over 9 months and I learn something new every day.

I am in daily pain as is my wife. We can tolerate that pain and function much more normally than we did before we came back to MJ and CBD etc. It’s been a game changer! I have picked up a lot of knowledge researching the strains to get all of this figured out. I got a lot of help along the way, so I figure if i can help one person have a better life then it’s all worth it. I figured all the time and effort that I put in to learning all of this it would be a shame to keep it to myself.

best wishes brother. I hope it works out for you and your daughter. Keep me posted! @Sirsmokes


Right on bro like I said many thank yous my good man. I have probaby it but I will Def read it again o have done so much reading and research but that’s about the same info about getting all the different varieties and I’m a dummy when it comes to book and chemicals and stuff like that I have a hard time processing what I read it has been a god seND finding this forum with you great people


you’re welcome. Yeah, information overload right now. happy to help you sort it out. Are you anywhere near a free state? It might be worth making a run occasionally to buy high CBD strains that have been through reliable testing and then using that. I’m in MA and MMJ as a backup, but it’s not cheap.Recreation sales should help change that. Quality here is good though, i much prefer my own home grown.

They sell Cannatonic around here that is a Sativa dominant high CBD strain. It actually is a great med and has a pretty awesome flavor.

pick my brain anytime brother, my door is always open, and the light is always on! hahaha @Sirsmokes


Bob, you da man bro! You and @Countryboyjvd1971 and so many others are sooo helpful… That’s why this site is so awesome… Best site out there hands down and because of the great peeps like you and many others just helping out. You don’t see that much today and it’s why this site is the best! Way to go! @bob31


thanks @zombo I blew all my likes today hahaha It’s much easier and rewarding helping folks out that really want help and are interested in the subject. I’ve done some teaching over the years and I know the look of people are there because they have to be. We are here because we want to be!

Not to mention I love growing my own meds and love seeing the great meds all of us are growing basically neighbor helping neighbor. :+1::v::grinning::palm_tree: