If You Want To Get Off Opioids And Use Weed As Your Painkiller


Yeah teachers could get a well deserved pay raise, ya know??? Haha


Amen brother the teachers the police departments the fire departments the infrastructure the schools would all benefit who knows what the hell they’re thinking


What’s crazy to me as you can stand across the street from the White House 2 ounces and not go to jail until you stand on federal ground and then it’s illegal I mean give me a break


Exactly took the words out of my mouth, all of that money, just goin to waste. Not to mention the blackmarket wouldn’t have a foothold with its possible laced pot


It makes absolutely no sense when they get their head out of their butt people will not believe how much better life will be rather your for it or against it And that stuff is been growing in spots around here that’s just wild 7-8 foot tall all males but it grows wild so how can that be illegal it just makes no sense


Dude whenever you go on your trip we definitely have to meet up


You are absoulutly wright about the government. Good for you standing your ground with the pharmaceutical and the doctors. I guess nothing like going back to nature and the way it is intended. You say you hate your life style but it sounds like you have made some major progress do not beat yourself up.


On that note , it is legal for rec in our capital city ,where all the politicians are ,but nowhere else in Australia and has been for many many years , I don’t get it .


I do not hate my lifestyle anymore but whenever I was taken over by the medication it sucks it’s no way to live But I’ll tell you what I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my life the last 9 years have been wonderful I was just saying having to live with medication to make it through your day it’s just no way to live I would much rather smoke a bowl and be good for several hours one or two puffs beat one or two pills


I got lost in the forum some how I really suck with this computer. Even though I have a class on-line I barley do things correctly. I am glad to hear your in a cool spot now with life. Do you ever do relaxation tecniques?


Yes I do and I actually stretch about four times a day my heart is full of love when I was younger I did all the stupid stuff I could and got it out of my system and then I grew up


Streching is wicked good for you. I should be doing the same or yoga. But these days I am busy with school stuff. And yes we all eventually grow up sooner or later.


Will talk to you later, I have to hit the books. I am a chapter behind before vacation starts for me. Thanks for talking with me about all of this stuff I really appreciate it!


I have not stretched in 5 years , my body will not allow it , and that hurts as I’m 3rd Dan black belt


Anytime have a great day I’ll be on here throughout the day hit me up if you want to talk more


Yeah the first two stretches of the day are pretty rough for me as well but as the day goes on man I can’t hardly get around if I don’t stretch it hurts like hell but it’s worth it in the end


Hay I just ordered my first set of seeds. I am so excited and also can not wait.


Congratulations so what did you decide to get please keep us up-to-date you need any help I’m just a click away


NEWS Jeff Sessions Just Confirmed He’s Going After States With Legalized Marijuana, Claims It Causes “Violence”

By Melissa Dykes

While Trump may claim he’s for states rights, Attorney General Jeff Sessions just p*ssed on the opinions of about 71% of Americans who do not believe the federal government should attempt to ram federal laws down the throats of states where voters have legalized marijuana.

After Press Secretary Sean Spicer essentially warned everyone last week that the Trump administration plans to crack down on states with recreational marijuana laws, AG Sessions backed that up on Monday with some bizarre statements that prove the guy actually believes Reefer Madness was a documentary.

Via Politico:

“Most of you probably know I don’t think America is going to be a better place when more people of all ages and particularly young people start smoking pot,” Sessions said during an exchange with reporters at the Justice Department. “I believe it’s an unhealthy practice and current levels of THC in marijuana are very high compared to what they were a few years ago.”

“We’re seeing real violence around that,” Sessions said. “Experts are telling me there’s more violence around marijuana than one would think and there’s big money involved.”

If there is any “violence” around marijuana, it’s due entirely to the black market created by the phony drug war, not the actual drug itself, as pointed out by chairman of the drug policy reform group Marijuana Majority Tom Angell:

By talking about marijuana and violence, the attorney general is inadvertently articulating the strongest argument that exists for legalization, which is that it allows regulated markets in a way that prohibition does not.

Prohibition keeps drug cartels in business and needlessly puts thousands of Americans behind bars.

But then again, that must be why Sessions also reversed the DOJ plan to phase out the for-profit prisons last week; they’re going to need somewhere to put all those non-violent drug offenders once the federal crackdown on a benign plant legalized in over half the country begins.


politico reports:

The Trump administration is causing serious paranoia among marijuana advocates with its hints of a federal crackdown on recreational use. But Attorney General Jeff Sessions has privately reassured some Republican senators that he won’t deviate from an Obama-era policy of allowing states to implement their own marijuana laws.

Sessions has rattled both libertarians and liberals in ordering a review of the hands-off pot policy under President Barack Obama. But Sessions provided some private assurances to senators before he was confirmed that he was not considering a major shift in enforcement, despite his opposition to the use of marijuana.

“He told me he would have some respect for states’ right on these things. And so I’ll be very unhappy if the federal government decides to go into Colorado and Washington and all of these places. And that’s not the [what] my interpretation of my conversation with him was. That this wasn’t his intention,” said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). in an interview.

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I posted this so most can see what’s going on behind the scenes as they planned to entrapment many with federal laws so they can double up. They have made 6.7 billion in sales in legal states already so if they can abolish half of the consumers, than O’O’will off set the budget for dispensaries and cultivators but they will still collect on head count in detention revenue at a all time high of $92 a day from states tax payers for inmates, so you all see where this going? It’s really heart-breaking to read this kind of information but ultimately they see an over less intake on criminals cause now they happy and high and less violent, big pharmaceuticals are losing revenue to the medical cannabis coalition out break, cannabis stocks in the market has become the top leading penny market and soaring at 79% return on stock shares, and cancer patients, leukemia, prostate state, colon, lung and cervical cancer patients are refusing chemo therapy at a almost time high resulting to medical cannabis, so the shadow government is not to happy cause why; they not collecting a 78% recap of the record numbers in revenue that has been generated from legal cannabis and they want in but federal laws are not letting up so easily. But numbers don’t lie, when you add, Subtract, multiply or divide the numbers tell the big story. But now you have C.E.O’s and high up politicians, congressman and a whole slew of executives stuck with they huge Shipments of heroin and cocaine and Mexican brick weed that they cannot move of sell cause many are resulting to medical marijuana terms and changing they everyday lives for the better and “They the Elite” don’t like it.