If You Want To Get Off Opioids And Use Weed As Your Painkiller


Due to the multiple injuries and other stuff going on in my body ,I needed to find a few different strains for different things as why I have so many strains growing


I am from an illegal state, I am growin my own medicine. I have found that in a pinch cbd oil both oral and vape can help reduce pain and it may help lessen the strain of tryin to kick the pills, while yoy are growin your own medicine. Just a thought. I hope everything works out for you, I know how those pills can get a hold of you and take quality of life away


The reason I ask all these questions is that I am curious about things like this. You see I have gone back to school. Ironicly I am working on getting my substance abuse cert… I know some stuff about drugs but not to educated with a lot of other things. There are just some things you can not just learn from a book.


@tammyjo I know how to make butter oil’s just whenever you get to a point of harvest is when I will be able to help you make whatever will help you if you look up Rick Simpson oil he had cancer and after years of him taking his oil he now no longer has cancer it’s a very inspiring story if you look it up if you’re wanting to get off sooner than later I would suggest taking at least one auto out the white widow help me drop all my opioid down to 10% of what I’m prescribed


Ok CBD oil I take is not legal! Do you make your own oil? You are absolutely correct about the pills taking over your life. I have found that I plan my life around my stupid perscriptions.


@tammyjo You will have to check but in most states CBD is legal and you can order it online and have it sent to your house


No, it’s completely leagal here. It contains no thc, it is only the cbd. I went to a local vape shop and asked if they had it an to my luck they did. Yes I at one point was taking 20 to 30 10mg oxys a day.


Get Out Of Here! That sounds good and I am willing to try it.


The affiliate site for ILGM, AMS seeds, sells a cbd oil vape pen


I’m out of likes but yes you just took the words out of my mouth thank you for my friend I’ve actually ordered the CBD oil from there and it is outstanding


Just been made legal here ,but the red tape ,means you are very unlikely to get it, we had a lady on the news last night begging customs to let hers through as she only has weeks to live and would like though to be comfortable ones , ,they came back with you filled your paper work out wrong ,so you can’t have it.


I thought about it, but went with a local vape shop. I’m gonna have to try it from there maybe next time


Well I live in mass.and the laws here are screwy. They just passed the law for recreational use and able to grow it.II need to look further into the laws here I do not need any trouble but if it works why not.


You should be able to go to a dispensary and get anything you need then


I get what you’re saying 100% I’m in probably the most unfriendly state there is but locally if you use a credible site like I L GM or AMS they take care of you and make sure you get what you need


That is a terrible story shame on them.


I sure wish I lived in a legal state, I know most of the mj laws are convoluted, from what I hear. It’s at least a win in my book though. I could face a heavily price for just growin what I’m growing Joe. I hope it gets better for you and if you ever need anything just holler :+1::+1::+1:


I’m with diesel like he said if you need anything just holler


You are a brave soul with all that equipment you have on yourself.


@tammyjo Call my life style I hate to have it and do it this way but I’m not going to let the pharmaceutical companies in the doctors run my life it really sucks to do it I mainly grow outdoors so it’s nowhere even around the house luckily I have land but I understand what you’re saying it sucks I wish the government would get their head out of their hole and realize how much money each state could actually benefit from fixing the laws crazy