If You Want To Get Off Opioids And Use Weed As Your Painkiller


@tammyjo what part of the country are you in


I am in Massaschusettes(I spelled it wrong)


Have a good night talk to you later need to get up at 6am.


@tammyjo It will probably take about 15 to 25 days to get to you when you order them don’t get nervous they have a money back guarantee if they don’t show up they will send them again if you’re not happy they will help you and make sure you are happy so when you go to place your order I can’t wait To see a fellow opioid user getting off of that crap and I’m here for you to help you in anyway I can have a great night


Eating vegetables that are grown in a more alkaline soil than a more acidic soil, helps the immune system better.


@tammyjo there are quite a few of us here from MA. Anything we can do to support you and anyone else, please let us know! anonymously of course!


:wink:I did find the seeds that I am looking for but waiting on some cash. Yeh,
I can not wait I am so excited. I see my doctor this month and I am going
to let her know what I want. No more ramdom urines,or playing games with
the health insurance and going thru withdrawal.


. Thanks for the support I must admit I am a little nervous. It has been 9
years on these awefull things.


I’ve b st passed the 5 year mark ,but now on a morphine Patch, which delivers morphine every hour 24/7 along with the other 27 pills I have to take a day ,and that’s cut down from 38 as some just turned me into a zombie.


@tammyjo i’ve been on that crap for 15 years so trust me I understand what you mean I’m on methadone Oxsee Hydro I had me on all that crap no thanks all done


:blush:are you thinking of getting of the patch? I was at one time the fentenol
one. I just pulled myself of of it and I was so sick, I did not think of
smoking at that time in my life.


I would love to get off all my meds especially the nerve pills,I’m just waiting for harvest, as then I’ll have the right strains to do it ,I hope.


Did you still go thru withdrawal? That is what I am afraid of.


A little bit but I have tapered it down week by week by week so instead of taking 60 mg of methadone I’m only taking 5 mg I’m hoping next month I’ll be completely off but there will be some withdrawal but RSO oil has really helped with the withdrawals


What type of seeds are growing? I have found the seeds for me will be getting them in the near future.


What is RSO oil? Is it legal where you are at?


I have 11strains growing ATM ,just to make sure I have the right one.


That is a big negative RSO is Rick Simpson oil you can look it up on YouTube how to make it or I can teach you whenever you get to that point


That is very smart of you to do that. I hope everything works out the best for you. I only need one or two different types, but I am starting off with one(baby steps).


Do you smoke it? Is it like resign? I never heard of it,but it has spiked my interest.