If you think they're a good choice or if youd suggest other items etc?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Firstly I plan on germinating my early skunk seeds and keeping them inside my house for 2 weeks and then I shall move them into the woods inside their pots. Does this sound Ok?

And here’s my list of items for the grow.

auto germination set
root trapped 2 grow pots)
Coco loco soil
Kindsoil (smart compost water only cycle)
Support sticks
Chicken wire
Seeds (early skunk)
Large watering can
Ph test kit
Ph down (citric acid crystals)
Plastic bottles
Slug pellets
Cable ties
Tent hooks
Kind soil grow book

If you are moving them outside this list looKS good you may want to get some neem oil or other products to combat outdoor pests and hydrogen peroxide for washing the harvest

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A sack of blood meal if you have deer to worry about too.

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