If you have grown Power Plant or Jack Herer (from ILGM) lend me your eyes

Hello fellow ganja enthusiasts

This is my first grow in about 16 years and I chose a few fun strains for this experimental run:
Amsterdam Pack - White Widow, Jack Herer and Power Plant

I germinated two WW. Both sprouted, one didn’t grow beyond one set of leaves.
One Jack herer and one Power Plant.
I planted in a mix of Mother Earth and Black Magic.
This is my first time growing at a high altitude, ~6500 ft and with a much cooler dark period, 60 to 65F.

My dilemma: I’m 4.5 weeks into flower and I’m wondering if I mixed up my PP and JH seeds.
What I have been calling PP has the most amazing fruity smell of anything I have ever grown. From what I understand, this does not fit the traits of PP. This plant is also showing a lot of purple and pink which I attribute to the cool dark period. What I have been calling JH is very slow on bulking up flowers (compared to the other two strains) and has a light fruity / pine scent.

I’m hopeful that someone who has grown either of these strains can confirm if I mixed’em up or if I maybe have an odd phenotype.

Thanks for reading,


Welcome to the community ! Plants look great they’re just getting started good flowering.

I think Jack Herer is @BobbyDigital’s fav strain. He may have a nose for it.

My jack herer smelled like grape soda and the whole plant turned purple. I think you may have them labeled correctly. Mine also had that tip claw from day one.


Thank you for the replies. You guys rock!

I have never read about Jack turning purple before. I didn’t think I was high enough to swap the seeds around, but it sure looks like I did.
She is a beautiful plant and the seeds from ILGM seem to be of high quality.
I can’t wait to enjoy the finished product.
Happy New Year!

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If they not past week 6 ; give them a nice ppm fed of 1300 to 1450 ish and just plain ph rain water or fish aquarium water and let them eat and finish they will bulk up , you only have from week 4 to week 6 to get them bulked up nice and fat before they start to ripen the trichomes !