If you had to make the call

Good morning.I’m trying to make a call on a new grow space.I plan to build a 6’ X 8’ hidden room.
My question is if you had to do it would you,

  1. use two tents,one for veg,one for flower or just one.include tent sizes.
  2. lighting
  3. how would either scenario affect my electric bill,what could I expect?
    I plan to get all the necessary equipment to be successful.
    I’ve been an outdoor grower since the 80’s and never did the indoor adventure.I know both have there pitfalls and issues but Mother Nature is unpredictable and I want to have more control.
    Appreciate all opinions,thank you.

I like having 2 tents …a 4x4x7 and 3x3x5 in my 10x10 bedroom…gives me more options…I grow and dry in each tent their respective crop…In the way I grow I don’t need a designated veg or flower tent but others do have that set up.
yes expect to use more electricity, minimum 5-10% higher bill


I’m with @Retiredoldguy on 2 tents and the options it gives you. For lighting I would recommend approximately 40 watts per square foot of grow space and I’m biased towards HLG lighting. Great warranty, service and exceptional crop yield compared to lesser brands. Diodes are typically the determining factor with other brands and recommend Samsung LM301H or B. My average electrical bill increased around $100-150 a month running both grow spaces 18/6 and 12/12 lighting with the environmental equipment running 24/7. Cheers and good luck with your new adventure, 2 years for me indoors now :love_you_gesture:


I eventually went with 2 tents as well. The versatility can’t be beat.
You could go wit one of those big sectioned off tents, but I built slowly
I’m told electric bill didn’t go up much even with 2 lights, 2 fans etc

Saw an Average cost of:
40/50 per light (hlg)
15/20 per exhaust fan (inf)
60 portable AC always on
50 dehu during lights out

Say 5/10 each on other bells’n whistles like oscillators, micro fans, UVs, heat matts, inkbird regulators.
Easy to hit 200 if you’re not mapping out a play book.

Havind two tents is really nice, but not necesary

Everyone thank you for your opinions.

I actually have 2 rooms. One for veg and one for flower. My kids got old enough to move on with their lives and left the extra space. Love not having to mess with tents anymore.

A separate room for veg and flower seems like extra work to me moving plants around. I would like to hear the reasoning for it.

Electric bill in summer for my inside grows have been a lot higher than winter. I have ac running constant. Gone up about 40 to $50.00 month.