If you get a hybrid plant, would the leaves be hybrid looking as well?



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Yeah yeah, so what’s the question!

If you get a hybrid plant, would the leaves be hybrid looking as well? Like I know sativa is long and skinny and more lime colored whereas Indica is wider, darker, etc. The one plant I’ve got that I suspect is something different started out with that wide dark indica leave but as flowering started, the upper leaves are thin and more sativa looking. Being a Sativa kinda’ guy I’m hoping that’s what it is but wondered if hybrid plants will have different leaves that the normal sativa/indica types.

One last question in case you haven’t dozed off yet. When reading about growing Amnesia Haze (which is what I just bought from you) I keep seeing 10-12 weeks flowering. I don’t see anywhere how long it takes from germination to harvest. Is it like 4 weeks veg then 10-12 flowering then done?


Hybrids will have leaves somewhere in between. They can behave strangely, like you described. The Lemon Skunk I’m growing now does that: starts out squat and indica-looking, but stretches a lot and grows thin-fingered fan leaves in flower. Some strains can do the opposite, and grow aggressively like a sativa in veg, and then slow down and not stretch much once flowering. It depends on the genetics mainly, but some deficiencies can cause the plant to grow thin-fingered leaves, too.

Seed to harvest times vary greatly, due to environmental differences, how big you want the plant to get, how much light it receives, how it’s fed, etc. I would say 4 weeks veg would be minimum, and that’s not counting the first few weeks of seedling time before you’re in true veg. And the longer you veg, the bigger the yield. And the flowering times you find listed are estimates only. In fact, a lot of seed banks will fib a little, especially on autos, because they know we all want it as fast as possible.

You should join the forum, and create a journal for your grow. You can fill out a support ticket, and post questions you might have there. This forum is loaded with lots of good info, and helpful, friendly people. We’re all (most of us) just here to help each other out.


Thanks for the info! I took your advice and joined the forum as well.
Just to give a little more info about my first grow currently in it’s 5th week of flowering, I’m growing indoors with a 1000w LED. 5 plants in a 3x4x5 grow tent. First thing I’ve learned is that 5 is too crowded for that size tent!
All seem to be fine though except for that mystery plant which seems to be about a week or so behind the others although they all came up at the same time. It’s healthy though so I’m teally hoping it turns out to be sativa-ish


The straggler is probably just an expression of phenotype. Sounds like you’re about there! Post some pics, let’s see em!


@elheffe702 has you covered
Welcome to the forum @Skyblue
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When you start a thread tag me in so i can check out your progress
Happy growing :v:️CB


As requested, here are some pics from my inaugural grow. The first two pics are of that mystery strain that I’m hoping is sativa dominant. The second two are more indicative of the rest of the plants. Notice the different color in buds


They look great, bud :+1: