If You Could Get Your Hand On Any Strain (seed)

Definitely some old school nl#5


A strain I smoked a few years back before cannabis was legal here in Canada was Golden Cobra. I remember it being one of the best highs I have ever had. Sadly my guy sold out of it and I have not been able to find it since :frowning:

I’ve browsed around with their stuff. I love that they identify when and how they obtained the seed, and what iteration of the genetics they’re on when you buy the seeds. It’s difficult to get them, naturally, because they are so diligent about keeping the genetics as pure as possible. They do have a few hybrids because they are what was available in the region (I.e. there’s an Afghan that is a hybrid strain just by merit of it growing that way in nature/cross pollinating).

On my list is most definitely Mazar or a pure Kush. Big fat broad leaves. :star_struck:

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Seedsman :+1: out of stock but on a email notification when back in :crossed_fingers: Ty…

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Cool! Let me know when you pop that - tag me @neofirebird - wanna see that grow journal. :grin:

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For sure, soon as I get a notification I’m going to buy them and others I see… thinking this ordering seeds may become addictive.

At the moment I’ve only experience outdoors. So if I get them I won’t start germ till about April Inside.

I have requested a cannabis Christmas, going to give an indoor run a try at some point. Just got to get through taxes and Christmas and stuff before I can pull the trigger on a decent light.


It totally does!!! :rofl:

I made my FIRST ever seed order in April or May of this year - Super Skunk, in fact!
Before they even arrived I ordered Granddaddy Purple and NYC Diesel. :joy:
Then they had the G13 sale…so sure! I’ll have those…and a deal on Gold Leaf? Yeah, Throw that in too! :crazy_face:

A couple of months goes by and I start reading about Grape Ape from another bank…I want that!!
Sure, I’ll take those 2 free Northern Lights Autos for doing a bank transfer over a CC.
A week later I upgraded the light in the main tent to HLG and it freed up lights for a small 27"x27" tent I bought for drying so…Autos would be perfect for that space!!
Guerilla Glue auto will do nicely! Oh, and more free NL for the Bank transfer - sure!!

Then 2 weeks later I decided I wanted a Gelato strain…And what do you know - another bank had a 5 for 5 deal, so RQS Green Gelato and dealers match of 5 RQS OG Kush for my freebie.
And what? White Widows as a payment bonus! Thank You!!

So, in 5 months I’ve bought 11 strains. And probably 150 beans! LOL! Plus another 20 or so I’ve scrounged from bags over the last 5-6 years…’

So yeah, it gets addicting!


It’s super addicting! I love when I get bag seed I put it in a tube and hopefully have a bomb F1 in there!


Yeah - I’ve got high hopes for my “Oscars 2018” beans! LOL!

Have no idea if I smoked it during Oscar time of year or if they came from this cat named Oscar who I used to purchase from on occasion! LOL!


I need to get in on the seed ordering addiction …soon as my state (if ever) legalizes growing I won’t have a problem ordering online


Dirty lil secret nor-star genetics


My state hasn’t but that don’t stop me. That’s what’s growing on! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I’m sceeeeared hahahah


You tell no one. Read Roberts guide it starts there like a drill sergeant - for a reason. You could leave yourself open to theft, extortion, blackmail and worse. :weary: Sorry not to be a Debbie downer but be low key and be discreet but don’t be scared. Have a reason not to be scared.


I was scared too, until this year I said pfffft.

I was a little skeptical with ilgm at first. But I did exactly what they said to do to pay them. Thought if I lose a hundred bucks 🤷

Didn’t take long and the seeds were at my door. Couldn’t have asked for better, wish I’d done it sooner.

Being my first and so easy, ilgm will have a customer for life.


I’m gonna get on the bandwagon …I’m seriously messing around about being scared …there’s a loophole and the sales of seeds are actually legal as a collection so the truth is it’s not illegal
Just my first time and I already had bag/dispo seed
Which I realize this far I am totally lucky rolling the dice on …
I know genetics is also an important part and I’d totally rather use trusted genetics lol …I have till next season and I’ll be buying no doubt


Whole different experience when you know the strain, at least for me.

Haven’t been this excited in years

I think you might be right on the collection thing. I was looking at a site and they had a disclaimer that the seeds would not be used for cannabis cultivation. Oookkkkk. :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lol yes …i saw a disclaimer that also said you are allowed to collect in case growling is ever permitted …
Either way I just didn’t need seeds this season but I’m probably going to use the dispo seeds as experimental plants and if they give me something good so be it …if not so be it lol …

Really want to try the gold leaf and blue dream


Nothing wrong with growing from bag seed… I prolly would have used bag seed if I had any. I just don’t get smoke with seeds anymore. All the seeds I had were gone. So it was order and hope for the best or don’t grow this year. Needless to say it worked out spectacular. I did find a seed in a bag of gelato after I had purchased seeds. But having so much success with the feminized seeds, I don’t wanna be on the lookout for males anymore. Not that it can’t happen or turn Hermie, but I like the odds better. First year ever I didn’t have to take a 5-6 foot plant that I had been taking care of for months and throw it in the trash. Oh how that hurts :disappointed:


Wow that blows …

Can’t imagine having to get rid of a plant that big ughh

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