If You Could Get Your Hand On Any Strain (seed)

Question time!

If you could get your hands on any genetics in seed form only. What strain(s) would you like to grow and why?

I always thought Frisian Duck looked super funky and would be cool to grow, that or Mandarin Cookies due to its beautiful colours!


On my bucket list Acapulco gold, Panama red, Columbian gold and original skunk they are all classic strains


I’m a beginner, but I eventually want to grow “Freak Show” as a just because. Craziest looking sxxx I’ve ever seen. But my dream grow would have to be a true Durban Poison.


Already many great strains mentioned …

Mine #1 would be Hash Plant
Followed by anything with the word kush …
I had 2 seeds of orange kush cake and roasted them somehow …they sprouted great …and were gone in a day …pests ,insects animal who knows …
The real reason …I’m a noob …

More bag seed I plan to roll the dice on next year
Sugar Kush
707 Kush
Orange apricot 2
Super Sherb 4

Sorry for extra info great topic


:100: I’m growing Super Skunk from ilgm now…

After reading reading and more reading, I have come to find out, I’m probably never going to smoke, taste and smell original skunk again :rage:

My bad, after my teenage years work,job,kids…I was already growing successfully so I didn’t really follow the cannabis revolution and wasn’t buying high times magazine anymore.

Up until just not so long ago…cause my outdoor harvest doesn’t last till the following harvest I was asking my connection…just get me some skunk… skunk…not girl scout cookies… gorilla glue…blue dream… wedding cake…I’m thinking WTF when did these names start. 🤷

After some research, I’m just heartbroken. My guy isn’t getting it, cause it’s not out there to get. I’m certainly not the only person who’d just die to get it. Guess he isn’t making the names of this shit up either

I did read a place that doesn’t deliver seeds to the US says they have skunk # 1 but is it the same?

I was sitting in my garden today just looking at my flowering super skunk…just felt like ripping them out cause I know they’re not going to be what I’ve been looking for. Yeah, I’m kinda that upset about it.

I have one thing on my bucket list…to smoke a big fat joint of skunk.


Skunk #1 is as close as you can get. Try seedsman.


Accupolco Gold,Colombian Gold,Panama Red and Hippie Crippler,along with some genuine Skunk.


Mokum’s Tulip. Why? It was suggested as a compact, potent indica, my preferences, it is expensive and they won’t ship it to me anyway, and I like the reference to Amsterdam and their famous tulip fetish.


Thank you for the tip I tried to order from Sensi seeds, sure enough don’t ship to US.

I will give seedsman a try. I’ll try just about anything at this point.

I just don’t understand, why mess with some of the best herb there ever was?

It’s like buying a real Christmas tree these days. When I was a kid a real tree you could smell as soon as you walk in the house. Now, no matter a Balsam fir, Douglas fir they just don’t have that fragrance anymore. They sell scenticles to hang around your house :roll_eyes:


Afficionado French connection is getting ready to release /redo original skunk from 1974 from original seed.
Wont be cheap but it should be true :skunk:.
You can check out his IG if ur on there.


The original Mag Landrace


Same here, the skunk of the early 80’s was very nice.


MMM Aficionado genetics look tasty I would love to grow their White Caviar. Do they usually release them through their website? I feel like their genetics always sell out FAST!


Why would you want original Skunk over the Super Skunk?
Original skunk was probably 10-15% THC where the Super Skunk is 20%?

I have no problems with the crosses and hybrids that are available now as they’re all a vast improvement , THC level wise, over the old stuff.
The one problem I have with todays seeds is the fact that they are the most temperamental plants in the world! They’ve bred the hardiness out of the plants while concentrating on THC content.
One milligram too much of this or one milligram less of that and you’ve got a sick plant on your hands that may or may not recover.
And they obviously have a preference for indoor growing - nature has been removed from the process.
Which, to an extent is fine, but make the plant a little more resistant to small changes that cause devastating effects!
Ph too high - it’s dead, Ph too low - it’s dead!
We used to go out into the woods, dig a hole and fill it back with a mix of dirt and the good black “mulch” you find under leaf piles in the forest, water it with creek water and Miracle Grow a couple of times a month, and walk out with a couple of gallon sized ziplocs stuffed with buds in October.
You ain’t doing that with these wussy, pampered hybrids. I’ll give you that.
Is all the work worth the extra THC and sometimes super-powerful mix of “highs” you get from a Indica/Sativa hybrid? I guess that’s for each to decide.

BTW - Thai Stick…whatever happened to that one? LOL!
Those were always pretty, uniform buds and had a killer buzz! LOL!
And sometimes I miss the sweet taste of smoking the coffee smell the weed would get after being packed into a ships hold with 50,000 tons of Colombian Coffee!
Of course, you never actually knew what the weed smelled like because the coffee smell was so overpowering! :rofl:

Super Skunk is in my current grow! LOL!



For two reasons. That smell and that taste.

Maybe my taste buds are too old as well. Today’s weed just don’t taste that great to me. Smoking blue dream right now and meh… In the past year or so I think the best tasting I’ve had was gelato, it was good just not great. I have several different folks to get it from so it’s not just my supplier. The vape pens seem to taste better than flower. But I’m old school and just wanna smoke a Doobie

Looked into french connection on IG who seemed to have a beef with Todd something outta Cali over “The” Skunk. SMH I dunno if it’s a bunch of who shot John or what 🤷 I’ll just keep trying.


Cherry Ice Cream



Auto duck ,pink lemonade,


Man Thai stick …
I remember being 17 or 18 and going to Jerome ave in the Bronx to a little video store

He sold something called chocolate Thai stick …
Making me drool …
And the hash too …nothing compares to that blonde afghani from the 70’s and 80’s …

I also knew of a balloon store on 13th in Manhattan
Guy cut a chunk off a table right in front of me when I asked for half z
It was on a 3 legged tripod with a lamp on it …

Blew my mind when I realized he’d been cutting chunks of hash off it for god knows how long …

Anyway I like the old school stuff myself too …
Some of these strains have 4 and 5 word long names …gimme some indica or setiva …some Good kush or some good old skunk bud …

Don’t all strains of marijuana originate form a small number of lineages too?


Oh yeah - hash…been YEARS since I’ve seen any of that around.
Early 90s I went by my guys house for the weekly and he was amped up big time.
After a little of the riff raff cleared the scene he showed me a kilo block of hash with the name Juliette carved into the side in script!!
He went for his pick up and was offered her and Romeo. For obvious reasons we ended up with Juliette! :rofl: She was sexy!! LOL!
The stories I could tell about that house! LOL!

He used to get these GIANT caps! OMGoodness they were so funky, but literally one and a half and you were in the aquarium and the fish were on the outside!!

Undoubtedly, the best connection I EVER had. And the last in this town to give you weight credit for seeds if he was forced to sell you something excessively seedy. Those were the days!
Now and days I look through every grind like a forensic scientist looking for clues at the scene of a murder HOPING to find a bean! LOL!
Damn you expert growing techniques!! But thank you really! :rofl: :joy:


Have you looked at the real seed company? They specialize in pure, landrace strains and don’t have a single hybrid at all. I don’t think.
I hope I’m not breaking any rules by printing the name. I know links are a no-no.
If so, I apologize and please edit accordingly.

But if you’re looking for the old school, that’d probably be the place to start.
Not sure where you’re located or even where they ship to in the world, but…where there’s a will…