If tomatoes were marijuana

I was wondering… if tomatoes sold for $1000 a pound, would they be the size of basketballs today thanks to the same science applied to marijuana cultivation?

LOL. I💟 G🍅

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Look at “extreme guarding.com” for excellent root stimulator products (Myko and Aryzo) all contain mychroizza fungi. also look at “Kelp4Less.com” with these two companies products one could do as you mentioned !!!

Damn! A basketball size tomato?

Sounds like some chili!

Or a really big burrito

Tomato growers are hardcore the amount of science and research they do is much like us

I was thinking of hydro tomatoes for the wife this year

lol try researching hot peppers way less info out there
my local hydro shop was wanting to do some display systems he figured peppers why not? couldn’t find any info on them lmao

A good site suggestion? I’m still struggling with mine. I’m sure it’s simple, just don’t know anything about growing them. Figured it should be the next plant I learn to grow. Cucumber, squash and broccoli will follow.

shall i continue?
pages and pages of sites :wink:


LMAO! Are those personally recommended? I didn’t know you were gonna whip out googlej on me! Lol


By the way, thank you!

Roflmao I couldn’t resist too easy

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