If this auto die or any recovery?

If not overwatering I’m 100% sure

I’m gonna say, if not over water, then possible bugs or wind burn. Have you checked for bugs? You may need a scope to see them and they’ll be on the underside, (I think).
Good luck. :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

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@spyonyou is not a bug is wind burn from a fan I was look but is any recovery she be like this for 2 days

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It will take a couple of days. If you addressed the fan issue, it should recover. Just give it time. :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:

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Thank I do hope she ge back cuz I move the fan to under the pot so I m wait to see but is auto flower they don’t have much time to recovery

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You underwatering? Soil looks dry

@GulfCoastGurilla is not oveewatering I can talk you, that is call wind burn

How much water do u give it at water and how big of a pot is it in. If its not over watered its underwatered. The soil looks super dry besides a small ring around. Is the soil thru the middle of the plant atleast wet or moist. Maybe dirt inside is dry and root have nothing. Wind burn looks diff from my experiences and the worst leaf on the plant looks as it sat on the soil and thats why it looks so bad. I just dont see windburn being it


@Mark0427 thanks bro but I can talk you is wing burn

Most indoor cannabis growers use fans to blow air around within the grow area. This creates a nice breezy environment that cannabis plants love. But sometimes there can be too much breeze!

Be Careful! Too Much Wind Causes Clawed Leaves and Sometimes Spots

When there’s too much breeze, the affected marijuana leaves will start getting “wind-burned.”

Windburnd cannabis leaves are clawing hard

Wind-burned leaves are often curved under and form “claws.” They can look like they’re droopy from overwatering, underwatering, or possible a nitrogen toxicity, but you know you’ve got wind-burn when the leaves in front of the fan are clawing, and leaves further away from the fan look fine.

I know is not over watering or under watering cuz I water until I was runoff and she feel the same and I knwo is wind burn cuz I leave a fan all night to that plant and on the morning look like that

Ok if you say so, the soil in the picture must be from your tomatoes then as it looks way to dry.

Went she started to look leaf claw I feed her 16 oz of water and two days later 1/2 gallon and I was look like that I have another one with variegation and I feed same water went they young they just need soil moisture not more that half cup so is no water problems

@Mark0427 @GulfCoastGurilla do you guys experience about wind burn or nitrogen toxicity before?

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Yes wind burn looks exactly like the pic u posted last. The pic of ur plant looks total diff from wind burn plants. Weve all trued to help and explain. Can only say so much before u just say ok and on to the next person. Everyone is trying to help u u came to ask for help but u r persistant it is something other than what most peopme who been growing for 30 years is telling u its something diff. Its all good. I hope u hdt ur plant figured out brother. Good lick to u

I have with wind burn but that don’t look like wind only to me. It looks like Nitrogen toxicity combined with wind burn.

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I’m on you way @GulfCoastGurilla That why I’m out of her cuz I read that to nitrogen toxing with wind burn, I move my fan and flushed the plant with 66oz of water but auto and my don’t have time to recovery her I give her 5 days watering, flushed and the fan was move but nothing

Sometimes it takes awhile with autos and they bounce back but sometimes they don’t and stay stunted but only time will tell. Autos for whatever reason don’t like much nitrogen at first like a photo plant.

@Mark0427 I’m thankful for you help and I know you have 30 year on growing but I like me went you trade a plant same and one you know that change overnight and you know you add a new fan on from of the plant and the only one change is the plant that have the fan hit the leaf I think you conclusion is same that I have and I respect all advice more went come from experience ppl but is not way I have two plant and just that die for unde watering or over watering if I was that the case both die

By this time this one show claw leaf for any water problems over, under or ph problem and look

And I understand I’m amateur on any plants and more in weed my lovely at you can see I don’t do bad work