If they can finish a week early

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I bought some chronic widow and their awesome! They are 7 days from the average flowering time of 65 days but the trichomes are cloudy , but the pistols are white with little red. I need to know if they can finish a week early and do they normally finish with white pistols?? Please let me know your thoughts ASAP!

They will be finished when finished
The grow times given are a general guide
Sounds to me like you still have a little time tho you mentioned pistols still being mostly white
Are you looking at tricombes on buds or leaves ?
Be patient you dont want to short yourself now the last weeks are always the hardest imo
If possible can we get a picture?
And no pistols will change when done

!Trichom must look like thisb5f2b7fd036c7452e5931cb40470cf2f|504x500](upload://fjJnVhfGc5MhrQLqfNc3VKzQtuo.jpg)

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