If someone ever looks at the pictures on my phone

They might think I’m obsessed with something.


Lol, mine are in a photo vault so I don’t have to worry about them swiping left or right.


What is this marvel of modern technology you speak of swami??? I’m in the same boat as @VirginiaGrowBoy, I surely have more pics of my grow journey than anything else lately lol……


It’s just an app. You can send photo there, delete them off your phone and are passcode protected.


Looks like I need to visit the App Store lol!!!


Me to LOL


Same here secure folder


Google Play Store in 5…4…3…2…1!!

Yo!! Minds blown :exploding_head::exploding_head: everywhere lol bunch of stoners we’re just worried about looking at our babies lol :joy: oh yeah heading to the App Store too lol


I used that one before, but This app is wayyyy better. It hides the app icon from being found, has a secondary calculator app to enter password, or… if you want to go completely hidden, there’s a way to punch password as if your making a phone call.


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Too funny!
I use the touch my phone you die method of security…
And anybody around me knows I mean it.


IMPORTANT to the conversation.

Be careful with things on your phone if you are concerned about law enforcement viewing them. I did some legal consulting for a defense case back in 2018. A big part of the case were data on the accuser’s phones (we won the case based on that data.) Law enforcement used a piece of software called Cellebrite that grabs virtually all files on a phone for viewing, password protected or not. Passwords on files and file locations become irrelevant and Cellebrite will still grab and display the files.

Password protection will protect you from people snooping where they shouldn’t be, but law enforcement has a way around it.

Also, deleted files don’t actually get deleted and Cellebrite also retrieves deleted files. When you delete a file, it is not actually deleted. What happens is that the file system dissociates the file and the file is no longer indexed. Until those memory locations get overwritten by another file they will remain on your phone.

Law enforcement cannot take your phone. It requires a warrant based on probable cause.



Well looky looky who’s got a new bud porn folder lol. Obviously from what @MidwestGuy says Big Brother can still have at’em but at least they’ll be separated from my dog pics lol!!


Same haha… a lot of group shots and individual photo shoots hahaha

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Funny thing the other day I was in a head shop picking up something for my wife. I have a surface duo 2 phone that has 2 screens that fold open like a book. Not thinking I had the Pic on my right screen to see what it was I was picking up. Well my gallery is shown on left side… Needless to say it is ALL photos of my plants. The lady was like oh growing pot I see. I was like Wtf how she know then I saw it. Luckily it was in the one place people wouldn’t care but now I lock my photos in a separate folder just in case.