If plant shows pistils is it starting to flower?

I believe I see pistils on plant, what does this mean exactly? Obviously it means it’s female but does it mean it is starting to flower or just that its mature enough to flower? Its outside so I would think the days are too long to start flowering. Last year they didn’t start flowering until 2nd week of August.

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Just a few random pistils are preflower. Just showing the world she’s a mature female and shopping around for a man


Same boat buddy Outdoors Ilgm Gold Leaf

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That’s in full flower. Either that’s an auto or it’s getting 12 hours of dark

I dont want to take up this thread I’ll tag you two

Its not a bad problem to have.
I hope mine goes into full bloom.
Last years went well into Oct.

I agree in a way lol as long as it doesn’t hermi