If its safe to dry your stuff in the microwave

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

i was wondering if its safe to dry your stuff in the microwave.
if so for how long.
thanks for all the updates.

You can and I have in a brown paper bag on short 10 or 15 second burst then take it out and gently shake a little, but it really kills the flavors and the good stuff we all do this for. Nothing can touch a proper dry and curing process for retaining the strains original bouquet and buzz, good luck.


A better “in a hurry” option would be a dehydrator, or a hair dryer, or the oven on low (like 180-200f), and break the stuff up so it dries quicker.

But whatever you choose, definitely short ‘bursts’ and check it often.

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Do the stove and check often…LOW HEAT

If you are drying some just to sample ,the stove or microwave works fine but if you are doing a bunch of it a proper dry and cure as @Holmes suggested is a must do. Brown paper bags or a cardboard box works well for me .