If i want change veg time day to night

I want to put my lights on at night and off at day.
How to change lighting schedule?
They’re over 20 day veg. Can I just change one time or hour by hour. Please answer who done it and know what to look(changes)

If you are running 7 AM to 7 PM you can do this.

7 am -> 7 pm: lights on

7 am -> 7 pm: light on

7 pm -> 7 pm: lights out for 24 hours

7 pm -> 7 am: light on

7 pm to 7 am: light on

In short, put the plant in the dark for 24 hours to change your lighting cycle. It won’t know the difference.


Can’t put lights off 24 hours. Second batch is there too. Maybe lights on 24 hours is better :bulb::roll_eyes:

If you are in veg, then that would work too.

I did the exact thing you are looking to do. I was running my lights by day and wanted to switch them to be running at night. I was still on my 18/6 cycle for veg so what I did was just left the lights on for the extra time. Now my schedule is 11:00pm lights on until 11am lights off. I did this for temperature issues. It helped keep my temps down while I was veg during the hot summer days and now it’s keeping them heated in the cool night for flowering. Growing indoors in an outdoor shed. I saw no issue from leaving the lights on to get them on the time I needed.

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