If I start a autoflower seed on 9/30 when should it be ready to harvest?

So I started afew plants on 9/30 and I am trying to figure the dates so i know when to be ready to harvest I believe I am almost at 6 weeks but I have read rdifferent ppl saying different stages for autoflowering plants
I have read seedling can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks than the vegetative stage 3-4 weeks preflowering anywhere from 3-5 weeks and than budding 3-5 weeks this is just a estimate from everything i have read any input greatly appreciated

Depends on the strain. Some finish faster then others, if you got them from ilgm check the website for more info…

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Is this your first l grow nate? Just curious

I’m new at this, and have a grow in progress. I topped for the first time thanks to this forum

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Yes my first grow with autoflowers I did the lst (low stress training ) like the forum said instead of cutting I bend them and I held the longer lefts down I’m in about week 5 from putting the seeds in soil and to me they don’t look the way I want i think they are small I am using espoma start,grow and the blossom I read good review on those nutrients i just want an awesome yield and thoughts please

in general start looking closely at your trichomes early December… but my own limited experience showed me that lst may slow an auto plant down a bit

Cool so it could just be slow to start

Is just one of your plants small or all of them?

They are all under a 12" right now so that’s why I’m wondering if I’m not
doing something correct or do I need to adjust something ?

What kind of lights are you using? How far away are they from the tops of your plants?

L.e.d I have them about 2-3" from the plants I have 7 -9watts led light in
a 5x3x3 area total lumens is 5,600 which is good right my temp is 72-79f

Hmm, I’d say you need more light for a the size of space you are using

How much more do you think is needed I figured that would be good

How many plants do you have?

generally speaking you want at least 26 true watts per square foot when using led’s
5x3 = 15 sqft so you need about 390 true watts… less if your plants are close together

6 plants so far I want more but I think I need a bigger grow space

Just for reference sake - I have a 5’ x 5’ tent that I plan on growing 6 plants (seeds on the way). I have (2) Viparspectra 900’s and (4) 100w CFL’s as filler light (6500k to start. Will change to 2700 for flower). Comes out to 37.12 true watts per square foot and I’m thinking I could use more.

(418W x 2) + (23W x 4 ) / 25

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they don’t look the way I want i think they are small

Autos grow by time

Best not to slow them down much

That gives the best yield :yin_yang:

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So I’ve done some research and some ppl say around week 7 they should grow
faster but I’m just letting time do it’s thing

My exp says same. When you do heavy LST its add about week or two veg phase.

Youre right. 7weeks. Im almost there. My babes sprouted 7/10 and i doin Lst, i think heavy versionIMG_20171117_164015 day 42,week6, 5g pots and i fill my canopy good. These autos have 12-20 tops =) hope good for that. I top one of my ladies NL. First i think its bad idea, but now I see no difference, when doit right time its no problem. Same time like lst’d NLa. Why U have so much space? I have my 6 plants only 3x4 , mayby when strech begin they want little extra.