If I increase my light hours won't they try to go back to vegetation?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I bought the platinum mix, either they were auto flower or I forced the flowering with 12hrs. On 12hrs. Off with my lights? Which are in a cabin 8 weeks since germination they are starting to flower if I increase my light hours won’t they try to go back to vegetation? your channel SKU is ILG-PLA-MP15 order#208987 my plants are in 7gal. Grow bags and I was planning on putting them in my garden after any chance of frost has passed witch is first week in June if I try that i’am afraid the longer natural light will kill them? Should I keep them indoors on same light cycle so they can finish to harvest?

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You could certainly finish them indoors. If you move them outdoors, they will probably grow “weird” for a while, possibly all the way. But they will need to be “hardened off” before going into full sunlight.

You can lookup day length where you are. Where I am it’s about 14 hours. Plants will definitely vegetate with 10 hour nights, and they won’t flower until August. It’s a much better plan to keep them inside under 18/6 until mid-May, then you can put them outside and they will flower in August so you have more than 3 months to grow huge before they flower. You did want trees, didn’t you?

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Go with what @1BigFella said.

@1BigFella Good advice, I’m at 14 hours now but set them out in late March, too early. Thanks for the tips for next grow season.

If you do want to set them out too early, you can fool them out of flowering by going out around midnight and shining a bright flashlight at them for about 15 minutes. Or turn on an outdoor floodlight. Doesn’t take much light and doesn’t take much time.
For the plant to flower, it needs at least 12 hours of uninterupted pitch darkness. If you interrupt that 12 hours with just a little light (obviously brighter than moonlight) it resets the hormone process. Flipping them between veg and flower is not good. The stress tends to make hermies.

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@1BigFella a few question, what do you use outdoors in soil for nutes and your opinion of trying Alaska fish? Currently i’m bouncing between foxfarm and Bontanicare. Both are OK, i didn’t want to over do them. SoCal grow season is so long, i Veg for months. For Spinosad , should I spray lightly b4 seeing any issues?

I use DynaGro Grow and Bloom nutes. Cheap and simple and it seems to work fine. But I grow in cloth pots with coco coir, so I never have to worry about over or under watering or getting root-bound. I just dump a gallon of pHed nute solution in everyday, and the excess washes out the bottom with any accumulated salts. I think you can do the same with Fox Farms but I don’t know anything about Botanicare.

You can spray with spinosad every two weeks and start before any bugs show up. It is harmless to humans and plants. Never seen any plant droop or any other bad reaction. You should probably quit a week or two before harvest. At least that is what the manufacturer says and USDA is fine with it.