If I hold Temp and Humidity

If I hold Temperature and Humidity in the drying/curing area, should I just let it dry\cure hanging there for a month? In other words why hang it till it snaps, put it in jars and burp till cured. I can hold the room at 60Deg F to 65Deg F and 60% humidity indefinitely. Shouldn’t I just let it hang till its good?

a good RH is 62% you can by Boveda Packs that you put in jars for curring - dry plant to dry till the branches make a “snap” sound. This is an easy formula “7-7-7” dry for 7 days at 70 degrees temp and cure for 7 days. burping jars is necessary . you got it - (Boveda pacls are very cheap and a good investment) Hang for 5-10 days with 5-7 days being the norm - depends on strain (loose buds or compact buds) and then once put in jars the buds will re-moisten that’s why you “burp” the jars 2x’s a day for the 1 weeks and then 1x a day for about 2 weeks

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Steve2, I have read the process you describe. I am wondering why bother? If you are able to control the temp and RH, why not just let them hang for 14 days at the correct Temp and Rh. Seems a lot easier.

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Sounds like it will work !!! I perfer using boveda packs - at any rate you will find what works for you

my guess would be because the buds will dry too quickly and it will harsh your weed. Putting them in glass jars and burping them gives you a slower more controlled dry for the last half of drying…which is why it is called curing. It allows the flavors and chemicals in your weed to blend together a bit as it slowly dries and it brings out your flavor and mellows the smoke.

but that’s just my guess.

That makes sense. The jars would slow the drying process. It seems there is universal acceptance, the slower the drying the better the result. OK hang till it snaps, in the jars, burping and Boveda packs it is!