If i cloned from a female plants that later showed a couple seeds from being pollinated , will that clone also produce seeds?

hey all i cloned from a beautiful white rhino of mine , however a couple weeks later as buds started forming i noticed a swollen calyx which i believe was a seed forming , will that clone stay " pollinated " as well and produce seeds?

It really just depends on how developed that clone was when you snipped her( did she have pistils)and if you damped her everywhere with water then any new growth won’t be impregnated since you deactivate any clinging pollen

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A swollen calyx is not a seeded pod. Its a swollen calyx. Did you confirm a seed was in the pod?


now granted im not super experienced with pollination n all that i cant confirm it was truly a seed but when i snipped said calyx off and opened it , it was indeed hard and solid green throughout but no it wasnt anything that looked like a matured seed, and as far as when it was pollinated , thats honestly off. i had a feminized that went hermie like literally over a month ago i honestly never thought it pollinated anything but the plant im speaking about and one other show swollen calyxes ill send a pic

hopefully its just growers fear and im all good lol

sorry if its a nit blurry, now this isn’t the plant ive been mentioning but its the one other plant out of 35 that have these swollen calyxes, this one in the pic has many many more than the one I’ve mentioned ( the one i took the clone from isn’t as far along and only had one , pic en route)

this is the plant i took the clones from , picture taken same day as the other plants picture above , this plant here only had one that i could find on the entire plant and i delicately snipped it out of fear , but to answer @GreenSnek if this plant was pollnated it wasnt recently and it only showed the one calyx like that, also all 12 clones were monster cropped but vert early only with like one hair per node