If first you don't succeed, try, try again


@BMy first grow has finally ended after many mistakes by yours truly. I managed to harvest enough weed to hold me over to the next harvest, which I hope will be an improvement over the first grow. I now have the buds drying on a line in my basement, so as of yet I don’t know how good the weed will be.
During my first grow, I didn’t ask enough questions and I did many things without asking advice first. I didn’t do enough reading prior to the start of my first grow, but I have since remedied that by trying to read and absorb as much info as possible. However, along with my mistakes, I learned a great deal and the information on this site has been a great help along with all of the advice from all the great folks here on ILGM.

On 11/12 I placed one Green Crack seed and one Jack Herrer seed into glasses of PH water.
11/13, after 30 hours in water, placed both seeds in plastic containers of FFHF into which I had sprinkled Mykos.
11/15, both seeds emerged from the soil and began their journey from seed to weed!!

My girls have broken ground and we are on our way!!!

All suggestions accepted. Thanks @Jitters



I’m in week 4 flower on a Jack Herer and it’s a strong performing plant so far. I’m in hopes of getting 12 oz of bud from it if nothing goes sideways haha!


@Myfriendis410, this is the first time I have attempted to grow either the JackH or GreenCrack and I am hoping that between the two of them, I can get some pain relief, etc. Have you ever ingested any of the JH yet? @Jitters


Set to watching . You just described what I did . I’m gonna begin a Girl Scout cookie and some skywalker og . I also have a Jack Herer seed that just broke ground today !


Good luck to you my friend. Happy Growing :herb:


Congratulations on getting through your first grow!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Never stop reading and studying.

Much luck on your second!! :+1:


@laurap, thanks, my first grow was a long tortuous journey, but as they say “that which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. So right about now I feel Superman LOL. I have had some problems but I am more excited now than ever. I am positive this grow will be a success!!!
Happy growing to you too Laurap.


Thanks @LauraP, I’ll need some luck but I’m more confident this time around!! LOL. Jitters


Good luck to you as well!! @Jitters


Sure ill be looking on bud of month & ill see one of your pretty girls as an entry!


@laurap, I would be very happy if I am able to grow a cola big enough to even enter the BOM!! Not expecting that anytime soon tho, LOL.

November 18 |

Sure ill be looking on bud of month & ill see one of your pretty girls as an entry!

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November 18 |

Thanks @LauraP, I’ll need some luck but I’m more confident this time around!! LOL. Jitters
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I have not, but I’m told it’s a favorite at the dispensaries.


I made it through the first grow, but it wasn’t pretty, LOL. I am trying to absorb as much information as possible, but when you get to my age, it ain’t easy to recall as much as when I was younger, LOL. Having a blast though and am slowly becoming addicted.
Best of luck to you too @Alton66 and thanks for the words of encouragement. @Jitters


Welcome back @Jitters you will soon find out that it gets easier once that first grow is done! Looking forward to tagging along!


Keep the faith! I easily killed all house plants but got a good harvest & halfway through another. When in doubt ask. Nothing is stupid except not asking. Remember you’re their mother earth. If she wouldn’t you probably shouldn’t.


Thanks @Bob31, it’s good to be back and I am really excited about this grow.


@Laurap, I have had no experience growing anything except toenails LOL, but I have learned there is enough experience on this site to even teach black thumbs like me to grow some good plants!! In typical male fashion, I didn’t ask directions along the way during my first grow but this time I plan to use the power of the force and ask when necessary!!!


Just listen to her she will tell you everything you need to know you will learn how to read her


@Sirsmokes @Jitters

I totally agree! You will learn to read your plants, but you have to spend time with them to do so. They will tell you what they want and need.


Yes on my 2nd harvest in cpl days… my 3rd is germinating it’s addicting like crack lmao one grow good or bad and your hooked… but my 1st taught me alot and if you are like myself I can tell everytime gets better because you have confidence going in and that helps I’m hoping for 4 oz dry or more I will be happy if I harvest over 1lb wet