If Dogs Were Middle-Aged Men...Pt 2


I am parking this thread here in anticipation of my 2nd grow, which will commence in about 4 days. Until then some light reading for you:

That’s all for now…

                     move on.... nothing more to see here - yet. Stay tuned....

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First grow, first post

Love Love the topic title :clap:t2: and thanks for brightening up my day! Cold dead battery & two sick dogs, but tomorrow will be a better day! Especially since you’re BACK :+1::+1::+1:


Sorry to hear about your woes @SmoknGranny :frowning:

We just put down preggo daughter’s old mama cat, yesterday. She was full of cancer … this year is not starting out well, is it…sigh


No it isn’t and I’m so sorry about your daughter’s cat. BUT I’m not going to let the beginning of the year to dictate the rest of the year :grimacing:.
Okay now what seeds are going in the cooker???


Vedy vedy good question @SmoknGranny…so far I have settled on LSD and Gold Leaf. We want to pick one or two more so those are still up for debate. how bout you? Did you decide on your seeds yet?


I’m wobbling and wish ILGM sold smaller sample packs :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m also reading yet another book about growing for inspiration. 3 contenders are Blue Dream, Blueberry & pineapple. I really really want a photo Afghan but I’m leery about the light contamination from the house to the garden site with or without my small greenhouse :crazy_face:.
In the meantime I’m learning more about ph, lights, soils & nutes. :+1:


I have heard some amazing things about Blue Dream…wishin I had some seeds, that would be a definite for this grow if I had them. So, I will just live vicariously through you :wink:


I wish I could send you some I have a bunch that will probably take me years to go through. I’m giving some to a co-worker for his spring grow. I feel he’s going to waste them though. I told him to join here before starting but he basically just wants to plant them and forget it. Almost makes me want to change my mind but I already committed to giving him some.

I’d give you in a heartbeat knowing they’d get the love they deserve.


Heartbreaking @Tylan…Its almost like giving away one of your kids. With your friends attitude towards these seeds, I would also be thinking twice about giving them to him too. :frowning:


Your word is your bond if you’re like me :+1: It just stinks if your offer isn’t appreciated but you can’t control what your friend does. All you can do is offer the seeds and make suggestions sadly.


I am. I almost hope he forgets to ask for them come spring. But @SmoknGranny is right my word if my bond. My kids know if I promise something it happens. I don’t throw the p word around often. When they want something badly they will say “Promise?”. I’ll most often say sorry I can’t promise that but I will try.


Yep :+1:. In these kind of things ya just gotta mark it as another life learning experience and move on.


Pretty messed up that he’s willing to gamble with such great genetics.
You’d think he would want to give them every chance to be there potential??
Oh that’s right, he didn’t have to pay🙃
Maybe he’ll forget!! Smh


They’re probably all true, just finishing a BD grow, and from what we’ve sampled so far, it’s a very pleasant high. Can’t wait until it’s chopped, jarred and cured for awhile.



So after much debate, consideration, thought and mental energy we have decided that grow #2 will consist of:

  1. OG Kush
  2. Sour Diesel
  3. LSD
  4. Jack Herer

One seed each…

Hopefully they will all germinate. :fearful:

Hoping to get them in water tomorrow, but first we need water lol! Don’t have any distilled on hand so need to go purchase some.


And I’m late, but I’m here! Set to watching! No need to tag now @rodri59 I’m super excited for your second grow! DOOO IT!
Wish I could drop my beans with you, but I have clones to tend to first. So I’ll tag you in about 2.5 months when they finish!


I’m watching too congrats I will be dropping blackberry kush in 2 weeks


I’m here although I think I will go sit in the corner and suck my thumb and rock myself back and forth over the fact that I didn’t get tagged, LOL. Glad you are getting started again soon :slight_smile: I am so sorry about the kitteh, that is tough. I haven’t brought up the next grow lately with the hubs. I know what I want to grow, a Maui Wowie and a Panama Red with maybe one of bag seed Mexican, it’s a good smoke, not particularly smooth, but mellow. Guess I cannot have all sativa or I will weigh 300 lbs, none of this stuff I have now gives me the munchies, ever. Oh well, gotta figure out where to get some Panama Red from a reliable source, am going to look into that sister seed company of ILGM and see what they have to offer before I decide. Will get my Maui from ILGM, and still have 3 each GL and WW auto from my original purchase. Still have not found one single seed in any that I grew, which totally surprises me! Good luck, I will be watching :green_heart: :seedling:


@FreakyDeekie now don’t y’all go wallowing in your hurt feelings too much freaky…I didn’t tag anyone for this journal. Well I tagged @covert just cuz he da’ man…ya feel me? :crazy_face:


Up to you but consider adding a drop of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to your distilled water. Sure helped me and my anxiety of some not cracking (they all did).