If cannabis is legalized nationwide


I believe @Dieselgrower wants decriminalization at the federal level. not sure why not have the federal govt take it off the list completely, like soda pop and tax it


@AmnesiaHaze imagine NYC transformed into a legalized state – it would be like Amsterdam, but better. :blush:


Yes fed level. No need for it to be up there with meth and all those horrific drugs. It is a plant that does nothing, but help people.


Yes I agree completely and it will generate a LOT of revenue for the govt. They control all trade for us, think of all the growing supplies bought etc. They are making billions off of hemp alone not including cannabis


It could pay for the finish of the second ave subway! We could have weed cafes on every corner. Imagine walking down the street and smelling weed everywhere. Ahh, what a beautiful dream, and now its getting closer to reality.


It is the reason and would still be the reason why I wake up in the morning! Growing Marijuana! :slight_smile: (the gift of life) The smell makes me smile.

New Yorkers won’t have any reason to be mad anymore! No wonder why we are all grumpy we can’t live the happy lives we all want, we all know what freedom really is, and what we are currently working towards is not. Totalitarian is what we are currently, not democracy. I’m getting side tracked. Anyways…Happy Growing and may our dreams come true! :heart:


Yes, don’t get me started on the politics, but i agree completely.


[How Legalizing Cannabis in CA is Helping Convicts]


Hey @AmnesiaHaze. My wife found the one death from marijuana. A baby somehow died from “secondhand” smoke from people that were smoking pot. They couldn’t figure out how the baby died, so that was what they put as the cause. So there’s been one death in thousands of years according to our idiot government.


I highly doubt it was second hand smoke from cannabis alone, it could of been burnt toast for that matter. Or more logically from SMOKING CIGARETTES lol @skgrower


@AmnesiaHaze One of The Trump neo-con justice department clowns was giving a news conference last week and said “he’s seen the damage marijuana can do” when asked about worrying about it over other much bigger problems. Of course none of the moron press challenged him to give us details on this “damage”. It’s really a shame most of us have to put up with this prohibition crap. At least your state is probably next in line for totally legal like out west.


Yeah @skgrower i agree, the federal govt just wants to piss us off. I think NY will be peer-pressured into making it legal, they have two bills on waiting for voting. It has been sitting on the sidelines for almost a year now, as NJ, MA, and VT will all border NY and tourists/travelers going through NYC…well you can figure out the rest, a lot of people would be mad if everyone was getting arrested for something that is legal in the next county over.


Yeah, I agree, I think we’re next to go legal, us and New Jersey. But we’re going to have to wait till the next administration before we see federal laws changed.


Yep, NJ is posting a ballot in April 18’ and Canada is trying to legalize country-wide in July 18’ that means NY is next after that. They will have no choice. Its what the people want!


I’m hoping NY gets peer pressured into legalizing it then I’m hoping CT will then follow suit. They were borderline considering it because MA legalized it but still no movement. Our legislative session just started last week and goes until May. I wish there’d be movement on it this year in my state but I’m not holding my breath. And we don’t do ballot initiatives in our state so we have to wait on our “government” for this.


I know I’m stating the obvious, but big Pharma and the alcohol/tobacco industry have so much to lose and such deep pockets that they can afford to persuade “our”, (their) representatives to do their will. Plus, baby steps may be better anyway. I agree with @Dieselgrower that decriminalization is a great first move.


I would not be near as paranoid. most would say im paranoid as side effect. but it comes from getting caught up in system. back in 1991 I was caught with 6 plants. they gave me a 3 year sentence for first offense.


Three years! OMG, how horrible! I’m so sorry you had to go through that. What a waste.


production and manufacturing is wat they convicted me of. good ole war on drugs.


so sad @patch67 , that a plant such as cannabis is illegal, i mean come on. you can smoke tomato leaves and DIE haha :laughing: so i guess cannabis is really just harmless…