If cannabis is legalized nationwide


Legalizing Marijuana Nationwide Would Create One Million Jobs, Study Says - Newsweek

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Good read :sunglasses: I believe it’s big Pharmaceutical that is behind no go on Federal legalization …


They are terrified! Looks like THC removes amyloid plaques from brain cells better than any of their potentially $50000 - $100000 a year drugs! Plaques may be the cause of Alzheimer’s Disease.


It is so stupid that we have to legalize something that came with the planet for us to use.


Amen to that brother ! @Tr33


Good topic and I agree.


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@1BigFella It’s also that with many other reasons, were guinea pigs for them to test, and they know that they are in trouble when it comes to the truth about themselves (pharmaceutical companies are not real, it’s called “synthetic” for a reason


@Countryboyjvd1971 @raustin my fellow New Yorkers! Here we go the home stretch!


YES!!! They’re finally coming around! :grin:


I legit started to get a tear in my eye, then I thought well it’s not in the clear just yet. So i hope it happens sooner than later!!


Cannabis is nothing more than a plant. It has 0 deaths from use since it has been used thousands of years ago. Caffeine, Alcohol, and Heroin just to name a few, can kill you by overdose. The knowledge needs to be practiced and exercised for legitimate reasons. People are dying from abnormal causes, and at very unusual ages. The flu epidemic, drug overdoses, car accidents caused by drunk driving. Now a days you have to watch the water you drink, the meat you buy, the vegetables you pick up at the grocery store. Soda pop, Potato Chips, even milk raised with antibiotics can cause an effect down the food chain, we need other sources of diet.

The LEO’s enforcement on cannabis in NY alone is the arrest capital of the country. In a study, out of the 19 million residents 1 in 25 people were arrested for possession from 1999 to 2010. It made a whopping 2300% jump when cannabis laws were changed from a jail sentence to just a “ticket”; and it was because LEO’s were purposely targeting and profiling such places of location, color, and possibly religion to make that revenue those power hungry LEO’s wanted. Liz Kruger a state official made some astounding remarks, making a bill that follows in suit with alcohol. It would be taxed and regulated like breweries. The state would save 300 million on just cannabis law enforcement and an estimated 500 million in revenue is predicted. That is +800 million to add to the budget of NY. Along with many other benefits. Lower crime rates well because a cannabis plant is not illegal, and LEO’s won’t be enforcing that law anymore.

Marijuana prohibition is around the corner, and hopefully the federal level can realize that it can do no more harm than eating some lettuce, and they call it the devils lettuce…I say lettuce grow!!!


Oh, nice rant, AH! I remain cautiously optimistic on this subject, because with AG Sessions still around we won’t see federal laws changing any time soon.


If NJ does pass their legislation in April like they say they are, and the federal govt gives them the go ahead, then NY is pressured to do so as well. With MA, NJ, and newly VT neighboring NYC it will be really hard to put felonies on patients of the program passing through states. It is inevitable. They will need to grab their bull by the horns and just legalize it already, because it would do more harm than good if they don’t legalize it. The savings alone for enforcing, and the revenue put in the states hands instead of black market would be much better for the economy. Along with that the infrastructure would benefit for rebuilding subways, highways, roads, and other important improvements.


If POTUS says “legalize it!” he’s really only got two choices: resign or take direction.


Sounds like you did your homework AND took notes prior haha

But for real can we just end this anti cannabis federal law? Kinda pointless when doctors are prescribing it more than ambien or vicodin or any other opiate. :roll_eyes: :newspaper:


I still want decrimilazation over legalization


I get what your saying but legalizing it would take it off the schedule drug list completely, and they treat it just like soda pop and alcohol, but soda is taxed less than alcohol. Which brings up the question what is more unhealthy to drink in MODERATION? POP or BOOZE


New York already has decriminalization, and it’s worked very well, but legalizing would be the next step for us which I believe would be even better.

Why do you not want legalization?