If can sex autos are they flowering

So I have 3 autos and I can just sex them. They are all female. Are they starting to flower at this point or are the two not related?

All auto’s are female that’s the way they are bread fast flowering time too @420noob

I’m sorry not trying to be a smartass but how do the make auto flower seeds if no male plants that doesn’t make sense to me.


Beg to differ my friend.
There are reg autos too.

Introduce male pollen from a photo period to an auto and get regular seed with males and females both.


I see what you’re trying to say now

There is a scientific process involving chemicals that guarantee a feminized seed, one that will definitely produce a female plant. It is the same process with auto and photo period plants.
There are cases where a female plant will “self-pollinate” and any seeds that mature can produce replicas of the parent. ( same strain, female, auto or photo, it will be the same) I am growing some like that now
Autos, in general, are made by crossing with “cannabis ruderalis” they are a 3rd distinct type, separate from “cannabis sativa” and “cannabis indica”. Ruderalis was discovered somewhere (like Siberia) with a very short growing season and the plant had evolved to flower very early, like as soon as it is sexually mature. (generally 3-5 weeks)


So if I can sex my autos that means they ate flowering Cor rect?

The first few hairs that sprout at the nodes are pre-flower. That lasts about a week or 10 days. It is considered fully flowering when they form clusters of hairs at the tops. That is when to start counting the weeks.


Cool thanks so they are flowering but you don’t count flower time until it shows more pistils

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