If a plant turns "Hermie"

What quality will seeds produced be? Or is it even possible to anticipate?

Hermed plants seeds tend to also herm is what I’ve read here

Not sure the validity of this but I’m sure I read it here

Pretty sure the seeds that are produced by a hermie will be the same as rhe mother plant they will be Hermie aswell you may get a few that dont hermie

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@Mr_Wormwood @Tezza2 Thanks, it’s just a curiosity thing for me right now. I hope I never run across the situation. It’d be cool if one could salvage at least the seeds from something like that.

Hermie seeds tend to carry the hermie trait forward is what I’ve heard too.

Keep in mind that these seeds won’t be feminized. Expect an approximately 50/50 split between males and females.


If you ever get a hermie you can always let it grow and collect the seeds and try to grow some to see if u get a good one or not

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Yeah balls
Forgot to warn you for 50% chance of balls

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If you run autos and they herm and pollinate themselves, you will have auto seeds, but male or female.

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I’ve never tried to grow an auto, I probably will eventually. I don’t quite understand what makes them tick and I want to get a better handle on just plain old regular seeds before I give autos a go. Thanks for the tip!