If a female plant produced one seed. Is it a feminized seed?


I have my stainless still grow going and my clone i believe made a seed. And if it is a seed and not a big cola. If it is a seed would it be a feminized seed?


I would love to know


I guess it would be determined on how she became that way, Stress, pollen or turn hermit no tellng.


Shes in door. No males around that i know of. It might be stress i have a phosphorus problem. And it did not happen until i did my first flush… and this plant was a clone . It was the top of my first dwc grow. It had some bad root discoloration. But not slimy. I put the bottom for branches in the soil. I have a video of the bottom on youtube. Its my art of bending plant. She is really big now. The top is the plant in the stainless steel grow box. They are a amnesia strain . Brought back by a friend from Amsterdam.


I’ve gotten two or three seeds like that too so I put up a post like this

…I couldn’t find it but most of the responses I got was either stress or late stage caused it and it should be female

I’m following this thread so if I find it I’ll link it up
-good luck


Thank you…


What if i did ff cha ching to late in the flowering stage. It seamed to back up from how it was acting. Way more trics and way denser. But it acted like it almost veged again. There is a different type of cola now…


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My wife want to try and grow and care for the plant. She doesn’t even smoke. Shensays there so beautiful… lol. Ill let her try . I think i actually found two on the the whole clone.


I was wondering the same thing! I had three female plants growing outside this past summer and found 2 seeds. Most likely it was stress as this was my very first grow. Will they be female?


If it is stress and no other factors then yes that seed will be a female seed that is how they are made.


@Usmcjojo cool thanks👍