IDK what's wrong

  • chocolope ilgm
  • Method: Soil ffhf
  • Vessels: Pots
  • PH of Water: just distilled
  • PPM/TDS: not feeding yet
  • Indoor
  • 1100 watt LED ( about 150 actual)
  • Temps; Day 80-82, Night 71-75 all farenheit
  • Humidity; 48-52 always
  • Ventilation system; Yes, Size: 6"
  • Humidifier when below 45
  • Co2; No

16 days old. Bought bad soil and planted in a large pot. Overwaterd so I transplanted 4 days ago. Good for 2 days saw new growth. Then yellowing on round baby leaves and a spot on second true. Yellowing on baby leaves now browning and dry. More new growth. Seems healthy. Wilting second true soil a little dry. Added water. What can cause this, and should I do anything to fix it? Thanks


Those are cotyledons; they carry the onboard nutrients for the emerging plant. They yellow and drop off once roots are doing their thing.

Be careful of your watering: it literally should be watered with an eyedropper now. Dome your plants with a clear Solo cup for a more beneficial RH.

Nice concise info: thank you.

Thanks for the feed back. I will keep an eye on my watering habits. Right now just 3 or 4 squirt out of a spray bottle. Soil an in. Down is moist but there isn’t any residule water. So once the cotyledon are gon should I start nutes? Thanks again @Myfriendis410.

No nutes if in decent soil. If in media like coco then low TDS like 250 ppm to start.

If in soil, wait for the plant to tell you. You’ll be transplanting in a couple of weeks anyway. I would go into a cannabis-optimized soil or media to avoid issues later.

Heard. I am using Fox farms happy frog Wich is good for like a month I do believe. Opinion question…I have heard a couple of things. On the bag it says the soil is bufferd between 6.5 and 6.8. should I always pH my water? U guys on here are the only group I can talk to about her. Thanks for all your help @Myfriendis410

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Happy to help.

If you have access to R/O that eliminates any need to PH water. Any time the TDS gets up above, say, 100 ppm then definitely a good idea. Once you start to supplement, that goes as well.

Your plant will show when there is a deficiency and frankly it’s much easier to add nutes than remove them lol. HF is Ocean Forest with more perlite added, IIRC and is a great media. Do you know what you will be using to supplement when the time comes?

These are the nutes I purchased. I was gonna go with a more hydroponic set up but she was going before all my parts arrived. I am glad I went with soil instead as it will act as a buffer and be more forgiving. I have more of the happy frog so when I transplant I will mix with perlite. Will these work I have read mixed info on them.

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Good stuff; I use it. Although not in soil.

This is the only nutrient line that went into space lol.

It’s not organic but uses high quality materials and is consistent from batch to batch. It’s also much less expensive than FF.

You will never feed higher TDS than about 850 ppm in peak flower. 750 ppm for veg. Again though; only when the plant is ready.

Thanks a bunch for all of your feedback. Really means a lot. I have a journal on here too if u r interested it is first time keeping track and sharing experience. @Myfriendis410

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Sure, tag me in when you can.

So I am ending week 7 of flower buds are foxtailing a bit but it is all of them so I am pretty sure it’s genetic. She is also 90 percent sativa still seeing some new white pistils so I know I am a few weeks out. Breeder said 10 week flowering stage. I counted from light change first pistils we’re about a week later. Buds aren’t fattening up as quickly as before so I feel she is slowing down. Starting to show minor deficiency signs. But I am asking about this yellowing it is only a small part but I believe she is still hungry. I flushed 2 days ago to 25 percent runoff I think I had some lockout sue to not enough water very little runoff maybe 5 percent. So anyways flushed hard last water smell intensified but now I am getting some yellow. @Myfriendis410 @SKORPION can you guys give me your opinion.
Last TDS was 586 after flush. pH at 6.8

Yeah I see it, I wouldn’t worry too much since your so close. Once you cut off nutrients your leaves will begin to turn anyways.

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So your starting week 8 which will probably be the last feed, then the last two weeks it should begin to cannibalise itself while your nutrition is being used up. What do you think @Myfriendis410 . Always get a second opinion.

That was my thinking @SKORPION then flush for the last 2. Thanks for the replies