Idk what is going on with this child

Gdp ilgm genetics haven’t checked ph of soil ph ro water to 6.4 only thing added coco loco fox farm happy frog ….I don’t know what’s wrong with this one needs help


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If you could please turn your grow lights off and then share a picture you took with your flash on.

No need to PH RO water, I would suggest using tap water if it’s under 400ppm and PH’ing that to 6.5

Your plant looks healthy but you didn’t fill your pot full…

Early growth like that shouldn’t be a worry, it will out grow it.

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I would bet you have ph issues. If you started out just watering in with ro water then the ro water took on the ph of the soil. I would do as @Nicky suggested with some tap water to get the ph of the soil where you want it👍

Be careful getting those water droplets on the leaves, definitely doesn’t help.

Have u given any cal/mag to ur plant

No need for cal mag at this early since he’s in soil

I use cal/mag from a early age with my plants and im in soil ,heres a pic of mine and its only three weeks old

And i used cal/mag when it was only a week and half old , im using coco coir and peat moss perlite mix with organic compost and worm castings and bat guano in a five gallon pot

Right but you don’t need to in soil because it’s soil it has nutrients…
Also to much calcium can lock out other nutrients, adding salt based nutrients to the soil harms the bacteria in the soil.

It’s less than ideal

Yeah i do realise that but some soil doesnt have much cal/mag as others a little bit more wouldnt hurt specially if u are only using three mls of cal/mag to one litre

The amount of calcium in a base soil even a cheap one is going to be well enough for a plant of that size. Heck watering with tap water adds more cal and mag.
It will hurt because nutrients messes with the bacteria and flora inside the grow medium throwing it for a loop and reducing the oganic breakdown of the nutrients.

I would bet money if that soil went to a lab and was tested it would have more then enough calcium and magnesium to grow the plant until. It starts flowering.

Sorry to say but I strongly disagree

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Each to there own i guess ,happy frog doesnt have that nutrients in it goin by the YouTube channels that i follow thats why they mix it with ocean Forest ,but anyway im just saying it didnt hurt my plant by giving a little bit more cal/mag even thou im growing organically aswell

I grew with happy frog.

You YouTube channels are miss informed.

Happy frog has a ppm of about 2000 out of the bag and that’s more then enough nutrients for a plant of the OP’s size.
The leaf is not from lack of calcium or magnesium.
Calcium would present as rusty brown round spots.
Magnesium would show up as white leaf cells.


@Nicky 's advice has never steered me wrong. And I needed a lot of it


Thanks @beardless
I’m wrong from time to time like any human lol but not on this one :joy: