Idid i do something wrong..looks like she is flowering only 3 and half weeks old?

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she is an auto flower variety…this is normal to some degree


Do i need to change anything?..Or let her go and see what happens

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This can happen with autos it just luck I’ve never had one like that yet touch wood

Use flowering nutes she may surprise you and stretch up the way

Any specific kind ?

Ilgm Jack’s canna take your pick each are different for ease of use I use canna

If this is your first grow…just let her grow and watch keeping with your routine … don’t expect huge plants or colas your first few grows …


I was using fox farm

This is my 3rd time growing…Last 2 grows turned out great…this is frist time i ran into this .

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ok then…she looks very small and normally would not have gone into flower this early…so did your lighting change?

Same lights and soil and tent and same seeds …

Don’t know what went wrong this time :confused:

ok then it could just be the genetics, each seed can be a bit different from the other…also I am sure you aware of how easily auto’s can be stressed and could be something that caused this situation or not…

Do you think it will get any bigger or is this about as big as she will get ?

it is hard to say…she could take off or just grow another couple inches…watch closely the next week or so and that will tell you whether she is going to be a runt or grow into something bigger

Thanks so much for the info .going to keep a eye on her …but going to buy new seeds .i have 2 seeds left from this batch wondering if they will do the same thing :thinking:

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you know you could always start one more of your left over seeds in preparation if this one is not going to grow for you…and if does grow then you have another plant you can experiment on in your tent…


Will start one now … Hopefully it will turn out better.Thanks for the help.

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When you say same soil, I assume you mean fresh but from the same bag?

That plant has had a hard time for some reason.