Identifying strains before flowering

Is there anyway to identify my strains or their relatives based on how plants look/grow? Or would I have to wait to see what buds look like? Cannabis growth just got legalized in Trinidad and Tobago. The problem is there isn’t any documents on how or where farmers got their strains before. Not to mention sketchy farmers lying about strains to get their sales up.

With correct or more accurate information, I can better plan how different strains grow in my climate to make a better yield.

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No one can identify a strain just by looking at it. All I can tell by looking at your plant is that it is a sativa due to the long thin fingers of the leaves.

Thanks, I made that same assumption as well since I have other plants that have broader leaves, different amount of leaves and even different smells. I guess I can become my own “knowledge bank” by documentation to explore, educate and inform.

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