Identifying my problem

From a fellow grower:

This is the major problem I have right now I previously had root rot In my aerogarden system so i tossed it away started a dwc system im currently on week 3 of the transplant and using fox farm nutrients With cal mag and Root starter due to the root rot, Ive adjusted the pH to 6.6 Also today morning I noticed the bottom leaves Dead, would you say i have another problem??

reduce your cal-mag - and using a good root stimulator is good any really nothing else should be used till out of seedling stage nutrient use at this stage of development should be at 1/4 amounts - too much.many chemicals - just flush for 1 week . You are doing the correct thing - don’t worry marijuana is a hard plant to kill -God made it that way !!! Thanks Mother Nature

Your PH is way too high for Hydro. Optimum PH for Hydro is 5.8 +/- .3

That is your 1st problem. CalMag is strongly recommended for 3-part users. I helped write the book on it. I would not add anything to my fowfarm nutrients until I had a few grows under my belt and had a handle on all the issues that develop. K.i.S.S.

Happy Growing! :slight_smile:

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So would you say no cal - mag at all?? And just stick with my foxfarm nutes,

New leaves this morning Looking better Thanks :smile:

I was reading this fellow grower’s problem and was going to say the very same thing as you said… it was his PH even though I am a soil grower and have many, many a time have read your comments on PH.

Thank You

It is best to get a benchmark. If you can use Foxfarm without CalMag and have happy plants; That will be your proof. Use CalMag only if needed.

Make sure you get your PH set to 5.8 PH is so imporatnat, because certain elements are only available in a limited range. Varying to far off the mark of 5.8 is what causes issues with CalMag uptake. If you havce your PH correct, then you will have less nutrient issues. Happy Growing.

Back to my OG Kush…Can’t wait