Identifying issue, ph/nute?

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m thinking ph/ nute issues ?? I have been following a nute feeding chart . Since flowering I started at 5.8 , 6.0 and just went into week 6 , I’m supposed to be at 6.2 ( as per feeding chart ) . I am due to water with plain ph water this morning and I’m going to ph at 6.5. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks :slight_smile:

It look like a cal mag issue . Start by adding 1tsp of calmag and 1/2 floragro 2-1-6

if lower leaves it could be “nutrient splash” when feeding. Are all leaves like this or just a few ?

thanks for your advise

hey steve thanks for the response, no not at the bottom only midway to the top is being affected. thoughts ?

I believe this site has a picture chart of all plant nutrient issues + more . can give you a web site that has a picture -if wanted ?

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