Identifying if a mystery plant from some sticky bud is an auto or not

I got this seed from some really good gorilla glue bud I think. I’ve had it going fifteen days and it’s pretty short and fat. How can you identify if it’s a photo or auto?

If by week 5 you start to see clustering then it’s an auto , unlikely tho 95% of dispensery growers and 70% of home growers only do photos


This is it! What you think?


And what you think is up with those bottom leaves?

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How much water are you giving her , full saturations every 5 days? If your watering her 3 days or sooner it could be overwatering but the leaf growth looks pretty good so far though the twisty nature could be an indicator of slightly to much light

That’s kinda what I was thinking I pulled up the lights atw anyway because I just sprouted five of the ILGM GSCE autos. Do you think the autos will be good in an ocean Forrest, happy frog mix? And these autos will show more growth production than this fifteen day pic I just showed you huh? More more thing will a 300w cmh with the Phillips master grow bulb suffice for about eight plants?

No idea I’m a led guy but it’ll be a tight squeeze once they get big enough to go into flower

I’m waiting for the budget to graduate

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My guess would be auto