Identifying female seeds

I came across a guide to identify female seeds and was curious if anybody else has used this guide. I’ve always just planted seeds and waited until flower to pull the males, but last go around i really got unlucky. 2 out of 12 seeds were males. So i was going to try this technique, and hear some feedback if its true to save myself wasting time picking through my collection of 100 plus seeds. Any feedback would be great! Thanks everyone!


Yeah it worked for me I posted this awhile back.

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Have any of you guys tried this and how accurate has it been for you if you have tried?


Never tried it. But I’m gonna look into it. I have some bag seeds I will check with some known fems. @Onlythebest79


I’m with bob never seen before but I’m glad @Edensgarden posted it

Yeah I found it a while back and couldn’t find much on it before I was a member here. Came across it again and looked again to find very little on it. What caught my attention was it said the method was 100% accurate which is a pretty bold claim. And the pics are very grainy and not very detailed. Thought I would bring it up to shine some light and save time and space in the grow area.


I seen this some time back and started doing it, Now I have ether been lucky or it works.
To date I have 7 seeds and they was all lady’s. I am going to keep going to see, This run I got seeds from ILGM So all 13 of them are lady’s Yaaaa ILGM… TY!

I was looking at that myself, and it is what convinced me to get a set of ten non-feminized Durban Poison seeds to test the theory and it’s claims out. I have one (according to that guide) male, and one female seed planted in starter soil as of yesterday and we will see how it goes.

By the way - it would have been a lot (F)ing easier for me to see the seeds if I already had the 420 scope I plan to send for in about three days…

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Indeed this method seems too much “easy” no? isn’t there any specific criteria we can rely on?

I have a lot off seed frm my last grow i was told dat if there was no other males the seed shud be female and i check most of my seeds to dis same guide and 80% of my seeds are like 1-3 in guide and i have planted 6 to see if it true i really hope so 3/half weeks in there is also another way to check is wen plant get big and on the stem wer it wiil have dat pointy bit on stem u can carfully pull bak and see if it got balls or not

Regarding a commercial pov, this identifying method could be amazing to gain a load of time, yet i’m growing so i won’t be able to use this technique until 2 months, so I’ll stay around this thread and expect to see more and more feedbacks from you guys!

Sorry for the way late replies. But I can confirm this actually works. Out of the 7 I pulled from a bag of 100s all were female. Either i got lucky or this actually works. I will be doing it again soon so I shall return again with details.


Thanks @Edensgarden cause im using that same method on 6 of my own strain blu widow kush its going to be bangin i cant wait for it to grow bigger the mix is a good one so it was good to knw that the system work