Identifying a super pla

Ok, some of you know me by now, I really enjoy growing the cannabis plant! Its almost a religious experience for me, definitely a right I wish to enjoy!
Its also a side passion of mine as I have been working with trees and plants professionally for over 30 years.
In the search for the ideal plant or tree, the grower/ farmer is always in search of the magic plant! The green gold mine that makes the most food or board feet of highly prized lumber.
Why would cannabis be any different? Thats why the commercial operations and seed sellers are always looking for that special cut… well I believe Ive hit the jackpot with this one particular Balkhi plant, the only thing its missing is buds and a smoke test! But it has all the rest in spades!
I was doing some greenhouse maintenance, installing a 2 inch square deer screen so the little bastards dont use the front of my greenhouse as a feeding trough, when I realized that one of my Balkhi plants looked surprisingly bushy? The branching was dense! Really dense and yet the olant had never been topped, supercropped or even looked at with snippers! This is a special plant! The kind the indoor grower would dream of, and the outdoor grower wants cuts from! A super plant! The golden cut!
Check this out, now Ive grown, and seen a fair bit of dope in 56 years! This is the magic cut less the taste test.

So this is one of 3 Balkhi Ive been growing, the ofhers are great dont get me wrong but the branch density on this plant is sick!
Every branch on this plant has 4 or 5 long side branches one after the other. This bush is only 3 feet tall and has sbitloads of tops and not a single pinch!
Conversely, its seemingly more striking sibling is far less branchy and way stalkier.
While this is a beautiful plant and will most likely produce a gigantic main cola, I dont think it holds a candle to its foot shorter sister.

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